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K2 Uptown 2018 Urban Skates

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K2 Uptown 2018 Urban Skates

The Uptown is the flagship of the Lifestyle Series that is built around a rich, black leather upper, reinforced with a ratchet buckle cuff closure for increased performance. The Uptown has a shorter 243mm rockerable frame that delivers unparalleled maneuverability. In addition, the skate features subtle glow-in-the-dark accents to the upper and laces, providing some enhanced pop during night skating sessions

Color: Black/Purple
Lacing: Traditional Lacing
Skate Cuff: Urban Cuff
Features: Traditional Lacing, Aggressive Cuff, Rockerable 243mm Aluminum Frame, UFS Compatible

Wheels/Bearings: 80mm w/ ILQ 7 bearings

Perfect size wheels for cruising around or doing some tricks. Great for speed and quick turning. ILQ 7 bearings are top of the line and will have you rolling fast right out the box.

Skate Frame: DC Aluminum Frame

Alluminum frames are usually super solid but usually don’t mount onto a UFS frame mounting system. These are super solid and UFS. Some very unique and awesome frames to have in your arsenal.

K2 Skates have always been known for their soft boot design. No plastic hardshell instead there’s a all-in-one built in liner. This makes K2 skates some of the lightest and most responsive on the market. They also skate much different than many other skates, with a very unique but solid ride.

If your thinking about picking up a pair of skates and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.
K2 Uptown 2018 Urban Skates

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