Razors Shift Kirill Galushko Pro Skates

Razors Shift Kirill Galushko Pro Skates

Razors just released their first pro skate in a few years. The new Razors Shift Galushko pro skate comes in a really cool custard/khaki color. Kirill Glaushko is known for throwing down some super tech tricks on bigger obstacles. So these skates have to be solid if their his preferred setup. Right out the box the Shift Galushko is designed to hold up to the serious demands of modern day street skating.

Razors Shift Shell in Custard
Reign V2 KG Liner
Shift Souls & Sliders in Black
GC FLT3 Frame in Black
GC 60mm/90A KG Wheels in Black
Aluminum Buckle
Hockey-style laces

Frames: Ground Control Featherlite 3 Frames

 The Ground Control Featherlite 3 frames have been some of the best frames out for while now. Several key features on these frames have made them the choice frame for many skaters worldwide. Rugged metal frame spacers makes it so you have a solid connection between your bearing and frame. This reduces friction, while giving enough space to let your wheel roll freely without letting your bearing rub against the inner sidewall of the frame. New plastic formula in these frames makes them slide faster then ever, and feel even more solid than the last generation. Coming with 42mm Anti-rockers for the middle wheels, you’ll be able to shred these skates right out the box.

Razors Shift skates come with a patented instant frame changing system which allows the changing of frames and soul frame in seconds.  No need to take the frame off the soul, the frame remains attached to the soul using traditional UFS mounts.

Push the labeled buttons on the underside of the soul frame, using the included allen wrench or other tool for more leverage, and move the slider towards the outside.  You can now easily take off the soul and frame.

Align the soul and frame with the boot and firmly push the inside of the soul frame onto the boot. Make sure that all 4 ‘tongues’ are securely locked into the grooves of the boot.  Guide the slider onto the outside of the boot and soulframe, tongue to groove, until the both push buttons of the soul frame pop up. Make sure that all 4 tongues are interlocking with the grooves of the boot.

Soulplate: Razors Shift Slider Soulframes and Soulplates

 These soul plates are some of the best designed parts out of Razors to date. On top of the instant frame change system on the skate these soul plates have little to no hard wear. Meaning you won’t ever be sliding on metal bolts and can easily be changed out. Coolest part is that the soul is one solid wing so you can easily change out the main part you grind with while keeping the negative/base piece intact.

Reign V2 KG Liner

·         Thinner padding
·         Streamlined toe box
·         Reinforced pull tap
·         Reinforced lacing
·         Stabilized tongue insert

The Reign V2 KG Liner is the same as the original V2 liner. It features a slim shape which can help downsize to a smaller boot shell if a rider is in between sizes. New triple lacing in the cuff area, increases support and locks the foot back to help prevent the dreaded toe-bang. An articulated heel and ankle shape provide ample foothold. Each liner comes with a high rebound PU insole with arch support to provide shock absorption and stabilization. Our Reign has been restored.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

Razors Shift Kirill Galushko Pro Skates

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