Roces M12 Lo Team Sesame Skates

Roces M12 Lo Team Sesame Skates

Roces has been around for decades but has really come a long way over the last year. Dropping over 3 new skates and adding a ton of skaters to their team roster. They now have a fully stacked team with some of the best skaters in the world. To reward the team for their hard work over the last year, Roces decided to drop a new Team skate. The Roces skaters themselves got the pick the colors/details out on this skate. The M12 is a rugged boot thats been ridden by the best over the years, so it’s no wonder most the team rides the M12 skate.

Low Cuff
Harder PU Shell
Comfort Liner
Old School Carrying Strap
Memory Buckle
Made in Italy

Roces Team Frame

The Roces frame is a amazing stock frame. One of the most underestimated frames on the market today. It’s great for both flat and anti rocker skating. Super solid sidewalls and rugged construction makes these last long and slide fast. Perfect frame for these skates.

Wheels: 58mm & Anti-Rocker Grind Wheels
Bearings: Abec 5

This skate comes with Roces stock 58mm wheels on the outside of the frame, with anti-rocker grind wheels on the inside. This is a perfect aggressive setup whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Wheels come with Abec 5 bearings, which will have you rolling fast right out the box.

The Roces Lo cut cuff is lower then the old Roces M12 high cuff, but the same height as previous M12 models such as the Atkinson and Nils pro skates. The new plastic materials in the shell help give a more responsive flex.

Roces M12 Liner

The stock liner looks basic but actually fits the skate quite nicely. Nice sleek blacked out color. Compared to previous model V13 skates the tongue on these liners feel a bit more sturdy. Neoprene toes ensure they don’t cramp the toes too much. Roces also added a more rugged carrying strap. These are among the better stock liners on the market.

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Roces M12 Lo Team Sesame Skates

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