Them Skates x Intuition Blue Skate

Them Skates x Intuition Blue Boot Only

Them skates just dropped their newest line of limited edition skates. These skates have flown off the shelves, but luckily Roller Warehouse got a few more pairs of the new Them x Intuition Blue boots. Same boot as the previous 908 models, but comes in a nice cool blue color way. On top of that Them Skates teamed up with Intuition Liners to bring you the first aggressive skates to have the super high quality Intuition liners come stock in the skates. With the all new boot color and top tier liners these are a must have. Get them while you can these skates are going fast and once their gone they will be gone forever!



This liner is like a perfect hybrid mix of the Intuition V1 and V2 liners. Nice perfect padding thickness of the V1 that fits the 908/U1 shell nicely. While having all the new upgrades that the V2 has…

– Medium volume all around with high volume cuff – 4 lace eyelets per side (8 total per liner)
– Integrated power wrap
– J bars and high volume toe
– Silicone non-slip dots on sole and heel – Removable heel wedge * Available in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L)
* Designed for THEM 908/U1 boots. * Not available for wholesale.

1. Updated shell/boot material from the V1 908: We made our Impact Resistant Plastic (TPU) material harder/tougher for added support and longer lasting.
2. Soul Plates 2.0 : 
A. Thickened interior walls for longer lasting.
B. For easier customization, Them skates use their new “Bridge Soul Plate Hardware”. 

Them Skates Replacement Soulplates

Them Skates x Intuition BlueBoot Only

Them Skates Blue Boot Only

Roller Warehouse also carries a less expensive version of the Them x Intuition Blue skate. This skate just doesn’t have the Them x Intuition collaboration liner. All the same bells and whistles just with the V1 Them liner. Save some bucks and get this skate if your not feeling the Intuition liners.

This basic Them Blue 908 skate has all the same features as the Them x Intuition Blue skate.

This comes with the older V1 Them Liner, not the new version. 

Both the Them x Intuition Blue skate and basic Them Blue skate have the same sizing…

Size X-Small ; 5/6 US
Size Small ; 7/8 US
Size Medium ; 9/10 US
Size Large ; 11/12 US

If your thinking about picking up a pair of skates and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst

Them Skates x Intuition Blue Boot Only 

Them Skates Blue Boot Only

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