USD Aeon 2018 72mm White/Grey Skates

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USD Aeon 2018 72mm White/Grey Skates

USD just dropped their newest Aeon skates. The USD Aeon line of skates have become one of the most popular skates on the market and for good reason. Their one of the most solid skates on the market and come in at a great price. Unlike many other skates every model comes with some incredibly comfy Myfit liners and awesome wheels. On top of all that they truly provide a one of a kind ride with the unibody construction.

– Unibody construction with lightweight one-piece shell, soulplate and frame.

USD designed an affordable, high performance skate that combines the boot and soulplate (unibody), minimizing hardware and moving you closer to the ground, enabling perfect control while at the same time maximizing the possibilities of larger wheel use with all the benefits of this new, low center of gravity.

The USD Aeon skate is therefore a one piece, lightweight and comfortable skate with the lowest profile ever made, allowing for a whole new level of advance performance for street skaters worldwide.

– Aeon soulplate:

perfectly shaped groove, reduced friction due to offset soul sliders, same width plates for controlled cess slides, optimized plate-frame angle.

– USD Aeon wheels: USD 72mm 88A SHB speed profile wheels.
– WCD Abec 7 bearings: 7 Freespin chrome steel balls, 2RZ rubber coating, synthetic oil.

New unibody design our boot is actually lower with 72mm wheels than many other skates that use 58mm wheels.

MYFIT Skinny Boy Dual Fit Liner:

100% heat mouldable, adjustable, anatomical ankle padding with perfect heel lock, thin & stretchable front part, comfortable thick padded ankle part, laceable top part.

– Replaceable 45° Velcro Power strap
– 2-way rockerable V-Cuff
– Aeon Shock Absorber

This skate is not UFS Compatible. Are we crazy? Consider this: UFS was invented as a standard mounting system many years ago and is optimized for a maximum wheel size of 60mm. But since its creation, larger wheels such as 72mm have become popular again, a wheel size that reminds us of the popularity of OG blading roots, allowing better roll while enabling great control and space to grind.

The USD Aeon has been designed from scratch to be affordable while being perfect right out of the box. If you’re worried about not being able to change the frames, complete unibody shells including soulplate and frames are available.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

 USD Aeon 2018 72mm White/Grey Skates

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