USD Aeon 60mm Richie Eisler Pro Skates

USD Aeon 60mm Richie Eisler Pro Skates

USD just dropped the new Richie Eisler Pro Aeon Skate. Mr. Eisler has been one of the top pros for over a decade now. With his unmatched technical moves on the skates and insane book of tricks, it’s no wonder this guy was rewarded with his sixth pro skate from USD. The Aeon has become Richie Eisler’s weapon of choice. Which proves that this skate must be top tier to be able to stand up to his type of skating. This silver and grey color way looks even better in person. Get yourself a pair before their gone!

Material shell: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) – GFK
Soulplate: UNIBODY

The unibody concept defines this unique design, creating the lowest, lightest skate possible with unparalleled energy transfer in every stride.One step back, two steps forward. With a single piece construction the weight is drastically reduced whilst the strength of the
boot is immensely increased, you’ll never snap a frame again. The unibody concept allows for the widest H-block split possible, making this the best flat set up skate ever created, keeping you safe from wheel bite on all h-block tricks whilst still riding a full flat set up of 61mm


Unibody frame is built like a tank while being super lightweight. No hardware mounting the frame, means the wheels can get as close to your boot/foot as possible. Creating a truly unique feel compared to other frame setups. H-block (middle grind groove) is amoung some of the toughest biggest grooves on the market.

Wheels: USD AEON RP 61mm 90A
Bearings: WCD Wicked ABEC 7

Cuff: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) – GFK

Aeon cuffs are known for being shorter and stagger. This gives the skate a proper feel and provides better response.

Closure: Top buckle, velcro, lacing

The combination of traditional lacing, a 45 degree strap, and a top cuff buckle properly secures your foot and prevents heel lift.

Liner: MYFIT 2nd Skin Dual Fit

Myfit 2nd Skin liners are top of the line. Ultra thin to provide the best response out of your skates. Maintains a high level of comfort with padding in all the right places. These shape to your feet nicely once broken in.

Innersole: EVA skatesole, Aeon high shockabsorber

Proper insole paired with a shock absorber prevents any bruised heels from taking those big drops.

Heatmoldability: MYFIT 90ºC

The Myfit 2nd skin liner is great for heat molding. The also break in quite nicely just doing the standard break in while you skate method.

Mounting standard: UNIBODY

No option to switch frame since this is unibody construction.

Weight left/size 41: 1530g
Extra hardware: Tool – hex 

If your thinking about picking up a pair of skates and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

USD Aeon 60mm Richie Eisler Pro Skates

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