Valo V13 Broskow Midnight Pro Skates

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Valo V13 Broskow Midnight Pro Skates

Valo just released their new V13 Broskow Midnight pro skate. This is a rugged skate in a simple yet unique color way, coupled with solid construction and high quality parts. The swirl blue and black soul plate really ties the skate together and makes for something extra special. The shell is also not just a basic flat black shell. When you get a closer look they have a silver/grey spackle embedded in the shell similar to the Maroon V13 but on a black plastic. These skates look great and are even better looking in person. An added bonus considering they perform top notch in the streets.

Classic V13 PU Shell & Cuff
Checkered Black and Blue Liner
Blue Cuff
Smoke Black & Blue Soul Plates

Valo Team Frames
58mm 88a Valo Wheels
Abec 5 Bearings
42mm 101a Anti-rocker wheels

The Frame: Valo Team Frame

Some skaters prefer to switch out their stock frames as soon as they get a new pair of skates or get a boot only. These Valo team frames are some of the best stock skate frames on the market and are definitely worth a try. Their one of the more solid frames out right now with extremely thick sidewalls, a perfect groove and reinforced design. These fames slide great and come with beveled sidewalls to reduce friction and keep those bolts covered nicely while grinding. This frame is great for both anti-rocker and flat-rocker setups.

The Wheels and Bearings: Valo 58mm 88a Team Wheels and Abec 5 Bearings

These skates come setup with Valo 58mm 88a Team wheels. A lot of skates come with some pretty poorly made generic wheels; however, these Valo Team wheels are actually pretty good for a stock wheel. The 58mm size is perfect for street and park skating and 88a hardness will have you rolling smooth.

The Anti-Rockers: Valo 42mm 101a Anti-Rockers

 These super hard plastic anti-rockers are built to withstand the abuse of the everyday streets, and provide solid locking capabilities while doing groove tricks.

The Soul Plate: Valo V13 Soul Plates 

 While the v13 may pretty much be the same as other skinned valo skates, one thing that makes this skate feel way different than the other models is the soul plate. A solid one piece soul plate with a very rugged construction make these skate feel great. Slightly slimmer profile compared to the valo two piece soul plates but still provides a good amount of room on your soul and negative. Also comes with a nice and wide groove. Standard 8 point mounting system keep these locked tight on your skate and make them easily replaceable.

The Liner: Valo V13 Midnight Liner
Improved stitching compared to previous models. Simple yet extremely comfortable with a nice anatomical tongue. Checkered upper panel for extra style points. Rugged carrying strap. Great stock liner compared to what you get in a bunch of other skates.

If your thinking about picking up a pair of skates and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

 Valo V13 Broskow Midnight Pro Skates

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