Valo Victor Arias Olive Light Skates

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 Valo Victor Arias Olive Light SkatesVictor Arias is known for being one of the best skaters in the world. So it’s no wonder why Valo gave the man a pro skate. Now they release the second version of his pro Valo Light skate. This new Olive color way is one of the raddest looking Valo skates to drop in some time. The skin quality is great and the material seems to be made of a very rugged material perfect for street skating. The Carbon Valo Light shell makes these skates extra light and fit even better, especially if you have wider feet. Like most Valo skates these are technically limited edition and won’t be around forever. Get yourself a pair of these before it’s too late!

VA 2 Light Olive
Stone Washed Canvas Skin
Valo Light Shell
Classic 2 Piece Souls

VTF Frames

58mm 88a Valo Wheels
Abec 5 Bearings
42mm 101a Anti’s with Abec 1’s

The Frame: Valo Team Frame

Some skaters prefer to switch out their stock frames as soon as they get a new pair of skates or get a boot only. These Valo team frames are some of the best stock skate frames on the market and are definitely worth a try. Their one of the more solid frames out right now with extremely thick sidewalls, a perfect groove and reinforced design. These fames slide great and come with beveled sidewalls to reduce friction and keep those bolts covered nicely while grinding. This frame is great for both anti-rocker and flat-rocker setups.

The Wheels and Bearings: Valo 58mm 88a Team Wheels and Abec 5 Bearings

These skates come setup with Valo 58mm 88a Team wheels. A lot of skates come with some pretty poorly made generic wheels; however, these Valo Team wheels are actually pretty good for a stock wheel. The 58mm size is perfect for street and park skating and 88a hardness will have you rolling smooth.

The Anti-Rockers: Valo 42mm 101a Anti-Rockers

These super hard plastic anti-rockers are built to withstand the abuse of the everyday streets, and provide solid locking capabilities while doing groove tricks. These anti-rockers are equipped with ABEC 1 bearings which will provide you with rolling capabilities, which a lot of other anti-rockers usually don’t have.

The Soulplates: Valo 2 Piece Soul Plates

These are Valo’s New 2 Piece Soul Plates first introduced a few years ago. They went with a 2 piece system this time, which enabled them to increased the thickness of the soulplate, increasing durability. They are now a two piece system, so you can swap them out to give your skate a cool custom look. These are made out of Polyamide Nylon with infused Glass Fiber to increase grinding speed and strength. Hands down some of the longest lasting souls on the market. Most of the time the soulplates last just about as long as the skates. Beefy design to hold up to tough street skating. The new Gum/brown/grey color way is one of the coolest colored souls to ever come out, and would look good on almost any setup.

The Liner: Valo Victor Arias Olive Liner

These liners have improved stitching compared to the old models, heel cup is wider and now made of a more durable fabric material. Neoprene toe will reduce pressure on your toes and form to your foot. These are pretty much the ideal liner for Valos, not super thick, not super thin, the perfect amount of padding for these skates. The front panel on the tongue of the liner is a perfect color match to the skin of the skate.
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  Valo Victor Arias Olive Light Skates

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