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Adjusting your Xsjado Skates

Written by Hirt

For this blog I’m going to go over how to adjust your Xsjado Skates. Xsjado’s can be adjusted to fit a smaller or bigger footwrap depending on how you prefer your fit.
First step is to remove your Rear Center Wheel, this wheel blocks the allen wrenches path to the Rear Frame Bolt.
Depending on your frame setup, you may or may not have to remove the wheel to access the Rear Frame Bolt.
Use two 4mm Allen Wrenches to remove the axle holding in the Rear Center Wheel.
The Frame Bolt removed.
Your going to need to use a Flat Head Screwdriver to ease the Rear Center Wheel out of the frame.
Should come out rather easy.
The Rear Center Wheel being removed from the frame.
Once the wheel is removed, use your allen wrench to access the Rear Frame Bolt and remove it.
Rear Frame Bolt removed.
Undo the Notched and both Velcro Straps. Remove the Footwrap. Remove the Heel Pad.
The Rear Frame Bolt Receptor is held in by a smaller screw. Use a 3mm allen wrench to remove it.
Remove both parts from the skate assembly.
You should now be able to slide the cuff forwards or backwards along the soulplate.
Push it towards to toe to make it smaller. Pull it apart to make it bigger.
Above is showing the shell at it’s maximum size.
Replace the Frame Bolt Receptor and apply the smaller screw back through it.
Reattach the frame bolt from the bottom.
Put the heel pad back in, then the footwrap.
Reattached Rear Center Wheels.
Check that all hardware is snug and attached.

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