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Intuition Skate V2 Liners

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Intuition Skate V2 Liners

Roller Warehouse recently started carrying Intuition liners. Known for being the highest quality liner on the market these liners do not disappoint. Made from a special patented foam these will give you comfort like no other liner out there. Intuition is actually known worldwide for their ski and snowboard boot liners so you know you’re getting some top quality gear when purchasing these. The price tag on these is a lot more then any liners we’ve carried previously but these things are worth it and last forever. We’ve seen people use the same liners for 2+ years. If you’re tired of having a overly cushioned liner with a ton of unecessary bulk these liners are a great alternative coming with a very low profile fit.
SKATE V2 liners were developed alongside inline skaters to improve the fit and maximize the energy transfer in skates with removable liners. The lightweight lace up style liner has a low volume mid-foot and high-density toe box to provide a closer fit and better compatibility with narrow fitting skates, and features ventilation holes in the toe box, and a durable, Velcro adhesive, alternative thickness cuff wrap.

7mm sole

Nice thick sole provides plenty of cushion while also allowing your foot to properly form to the liner. Many people skate these liners without any insoles an they work great, but if you have room for it you can slide some insoles of your presence inside the liners.

Anti-microbial lining treatment

Helps keep these things from getting extra smelly. Although this definitely wears off after some time. Good thing about these liners is they air out quite nicely compared to the previous version.

Medium volume skate liner

Perfect density for street/aggressive skating. Just enough cushion to have your feet comfy, yet keep the skates feeling extra responsive.

Toe box ventilation holes

This helps keep the feet from getting too hot. Also helps with airing the liners out after a session.

Asymmetrical J Bars

Give a nice snug feeling around the balls of your ankle to keep your foot extra secure

Low volume mid foot

Helps these V2 liners fit better in slimmer skates like v13/m12 and Shift skates.

High density toe box

Helps prevent the dreading toe bang. Toe rolls feel great with these liners.

Low volume power wrap/ Alternative thickness overlay

The different power wraps come in two different colors. Gold is slightly thicker and softer flexing. Black is slightly thinner with a stiffer flex. Perfect to dial it in to your personal preference no matter the skate.

High impact heel wedges

Removable shock absorbers velcro onto the heel to prevent slipping around. If you don’t fancy any heel lift or already have shock absorbers in your skates you can easily take them off.
Intuition Skate V2 Liners

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