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CUSTOM- Gawds Franky Morales Pro Skates

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 Gawds Franky Morales Pro Skates  The Gawds Franky Pro skates are some of the cleanest looking skates to come out in quiet some time. Like Franky’s pro USD skates of the past, these are modeled after one of his favorite pairs of sneakers. On top of having a great design these skates come with some high quality parts that only come on this limited edition skate. These Gawds skates already come out the box looking like a work of art so we decided to build a custom skate that complements the stock setup.

Create Originals OG Red Frames

Version 4 “OG” Frames
Patented Customizable Graphic Display System
Newer, Faster, Stronger Material Composition
28 Grams Lighter Than Previous Versions
Precision Center H-Block Groove
8mm Axle Frame Hardware
Made In The U.S.A.

Includes: Pair of Frames with Inserts & Shields, 8x Axles, 16x Frame Spacers

Size: Small 5.0-8.5, Large 9.0-15.0
Max Outer Wheel Size: 59mm
Max Inner Wheel Size: 57mm

The worlds first and only Graphic Display UFS frame. The patent pending Graphic Insert and Display System allows you to insert, display, interchange, and replace graphics, while protecting them from wear and tear, with a slide-in, shatterproof, clear protective shield. The display system is recessed inwards from the sidewall grinding surfaces to further ensure protection. Since each set of frames possess four graphic display options, that can be interchanged and individually replaced, you have the ability to limitlessly and constantly express your individual style. Most importantly, you have the ability to create and insert your own designs! The possibilities are literally endless.

Wheels: Deal With It 59mm 90a

The DWI Hiragana wheel is a premium pour inline skate wheel made right here in the US.
Great for shredding the streets or your local park. The red symbols read “Deal With It”.
Blader owned and run.

-Black Urethane with a black core
-Sold in a set of 4

Bones Reds Bearings (8)

These skates are custom with red highlights on the frame and liner. So why not go with some Bones Red Bearings too! One of the companies that makes bearings specifically for skating is Bones Bearings. Some of the highest quality bearings at an affordable price.
• Single, removable, non-contact rubber shield allows for easy cleaning and less rolling resistance.
• High speed Nylon™ ball retainer provides added speed and strength.
• Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.

Undercover Anti-rockers 

Plastic anti-rockers will roll when you need them to but still give you easy grinding capabilities.


The Soulplate:

This soul plate is no joke. Super beefy construction, machined from solid UHMW material. UHMW is known for being some of the best grinding material available. These will last for a lot longer then most other soul plates on the market. These are also fully symmetrical, so you can swap these between skates or spin them around when your soul space is getting too worn out. Wheel wells for larger wheels.

The Cuffs: 

New Gawds style cuffs feature a super nice nylon blend. Creating a perfect flex made for street skating. Cool design creates a very light and less bulky cuff that complements the carbon-free style boot. V-cut allows for the skater to be more agile and have more control over foot movement, while still maintaining support.

The Liners:

The built in/non-removable liner, this will increase the responsiveness of your skate, since the actual shell and the liner are one. Keep in mind these liners are not replaceable, so to get the most out of the skates you need to make sure your unlacing your skates all the way before you taken them on/off. Be gentile when your putting them on or taking them off, the more you try to jam your foot in or rip it out, the more damage the liner will take. These liners are just as durable as any other aggressive liner. As with all USD Carbon style skates, this skate comes with a 45 degree ankle strap. This helps ensure your foot stays snug inside the liner, and is easily replaceable for customization.


If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.


Gawds Franky Morales Pro Skates 

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