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CUSTOM: K2 Front Street Skates

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   K2 Front Street SkatesThe new line of K2 skates have hit the streets and did not disappoint. Their lightweight and comfy design makes these skates perfect for all style of skating. The new K2 Front street skate came in a really cool color way right out the box, but we decided to customize them and make the full setup go together even more. Upgrading the wheels, bearings, and frames might be the most you can do with this skate but when a skate looks and feels this great right out the box there really is no need to customize the cuff or soul plate.  The Frames: Kaltik Team Flat Frames Kaltik frames have been gaining in popularity over the last few years. The Kaltik Flat frame is a favorite among many flat rocker skaters. The super wide groove with extra plastic around the wheel wells allows you to skate flat with all 8 wheels; yet, still be able to slide all your tricks with out any wheel bite. These frames are some of the best flat frames on the market.

Size: Small 5.0-7.5, Large 8.0-15.0
Max Outer Wheel Size: 61mm
Max Inner Wheel Size: 61mm

The Wheels: Ground Control II 59mm 90a
 Ground Control developed a line of wheels that perfectly complements their frames. Made in the USA from super high rebound PU our wheels are extremely fast, grippy and long lasting.

Round Profile.

The Bearings: Titen Red X Swiss Bearings

The Red X Swiss Bearings is Titen’s answer for an affordable Swiss grade bearing. The manufacturer used the revolutionary Swiss manufacturing, and is able to offer this bearing at a fraction of the price of normal Swiss bearings. Worth it if your not trying to drop big bucks on a new set of bearings. Rubberized shield on one side, open on the other. That means these bearings are serviceable and cleanable, a much needed feature if you want to increase the life expectancy of your bearings.

The K2 Front Street Skate comes with the all new enhanced K2 soul plate. The new souls feature a deeper more anatomical groove, making these great for grinds right out the box and even better than before. The soul is actually part of the main chassis, having the cuff connect directly to the soul plate. The result is a very unique ride that many other skates don’t offer. K2 soft boot technology allows for the skate to have the liner built into the boot without any hard shell components besides the cuff and soul plate. This makes these skates some of the most comfortable on the market. Their also extremely light and agile, with tons of support. The additional 45 degree strap as well as a high cuff power strap keep your foot locked into place without any added pressure points. Great skate for a great price, this skate has a lot of cool features to offer that other blades don’t have.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

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  K2 Front Street Skates

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