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CUSTOM: Razors Shift Skate

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 Razors Shift SkatesRazors/GC has been coming up with a ton of new products lately and recently just released their new Shift Skate. This skate has some new innovations and does not disappoint. The instant frame change system allows you to quickly release the soul plates with the frame still attached. Allowing you to quick change out your wheel setups on the fly. This simple but sleek skate is ready to shred right out the box but is just begging to be customized.

The Frames: Ground Control Mega Dark Grey Frames

Ground Control recently dropped their Mega Frames. A slightly smaller version of the big frame, and also a larger version of the featherlite; however, this frame is great for riding flat. The H-block comes out below the normal grind area to help prevent wheel bite. These frames fit up to a 64mm wheel size.

The Wheels: Go Project Joe Atkinson V3 65mm

Joe Atkinson placed top three in almost every major international contest in the last three years. His weapon; The 65mm Go Project wheel. The first of it’s kind in this ‘mid-size’, now in it’s third version (V.3).

The V.3 wheel has some notable improvements: We managed to fully extract the colour pigmentation out of the core this time leaving us with a stronger hub material. We also changed the way the hub is bonded to the urethane ‘tyre’ so the wheel is now more resistant to de-coring. All Go Project wheels come with a lifetime warranty against de-coring and core fracturing in case you find an anomaly.

We don’t provide an ‘A’ (hardness) rating on our wheels because it lacks true accuracy, however; we’ve made the Go Joe wheel a little harder this time so that it’s faster on the roll.

Bearings: Go Project Crown Bearings

Go Project Crown bearings are different. The bearings come with a copper ‘Crown Spacer’ which slots into the centre bore hole. Compatible with all regular skate wheels and frames, the Crown system enhances performance in several ways:

The majority of grit and dirt enters the bearing through the inner ring and the shield. The Crown spacer forms a cover over this area, reducing the intake of external elements.
The Crown spacer spreads the load of the rider across a wide plateau creating greater energy efficiency.
The Crown system shifts the position of the bearing away from the frame walls and deeper into the wheel, resulting in less damage and contamination from road debris.
They are an effective solution for poor energy transfer caused by frames with plastic frame spacers.

The Souls: Razors Shift Slider Soulframes and Soulplates

   These soul plates are some of the best designed parts out of Razors to date. On top of the instant frame change system on the skate these soul plates have little to no hard wear. Meaning you won’t ever be sliding on metal bolts and can easily be changed out. Coolest part is that the soul is one solid wing so you can easily change out the main part you grind with while keeping the negative/base piece intact.

The Liner: Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy High Liner

One of our favorite liners out right now, especially since not too many companies make a quality after market liner. The Fat Boy liners fit razors SL boots nicely and are packed with tons of features.

Made out of ultra light and personalized CFF (Custom Fit Foam), 5mm thickness.
Cuff and ankle area with additional 10mm heat mouldable closed cell foam EVA.
Unique construction for perfect comfort.
Powerlast fit, lasted with Aluminum last.
Ankle area with extra heat mouldable EVA padding.
Cuff area reinforced with heat mouldable sheets.
Latex padding in heel area for improved lock.
Velvet inside lining with extra sponge foam.
Preshaped and heatmouldable tongue.
Spandex outside material.
Carrying strap.
True to size fit.


If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

  Razors Shift Skates

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