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CUSTOM- Razors SL Black Skates

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Razors SL Black Skates

The Razors SL skates are known for being one of the best skates to customize. Every piece is replaceable and the shell can accommodate almost any liner. The Razors SL black skates are simple yet clean with the all black color scheme. Just begging to be customized we wanted to keep it simple like the stock setup but throw some custom goodness in there.

– SL boot in black
– Waxed Laces
– Replaceable soul frame with baseless design, included replaceable sliders
– SL Backslide Plate
– SL Gel heel pad for comfort and impact reduction
– Velcro Tongue Stay

50/50 Classic Balance Frames

Tech Specs:
58mm max wheel size
95mm split between 2 and 3
8mm axle diameter
256g weight per frame, no hardware
Medium: 250mm
Large: 270mm

Dead Yellow 58mm 95a Black Wheels

An all around street and park skating wheel perfectly shaped to balance smooth turning, impact stability and speed.

Two years of meticulous research, design, and development went into engineering a new profile that has been rigorously skated to meet and exceed our standards.

The Soulplates & Backslides: Slider Backslide Plates & Slider Grindplates & Slider Soulframes

 These are the soulplates for Razors SL style skates. The SL shell features a baseless design, and the Slider Soulframes act as the bottom of the shell along with the Slider Backslide PlatesSlider Grindplates. What this does is give you a closer to the foot feel when your grinding. Pretty much the distance between your foot and what your grinding has been greatly reduced, this results in a more natural grind and increased responsiveness. All of these parts are replaceable and are available in a variety of different colors.

Intuition Skate V2 Liners

SKATE V2 liners were developed alongside inline skaters to improve the fit and maximize the energy transfer in skates with removable liners. The lightweight lace up style liner has a low volume mid-foot and high-density toe box to provide a closer fit and better compatibility with narrow fitting skates, and features ventilation holes in the toe box, and a durable, Velcro adhesive, alternative thickness cuff wrap.

7mm sole, Alternative thickness overlay, Anti-microbial lining treatment, Medium volume liner, Skate liner, Toe box ventilation holes, Tongue style liner

Asymmetrical J Bars, Low volume mid foot , High density toe box, Low volume power wrap, High impact heel wedges, 7mm Sole

Size Small 25-26.5 CM (Size 7-8.5 Men’s)
Size Medium 27-28.5 CM (Size 9-10.5 Men’s)
Size Large 29-30.5 CM (Size 11-12.5 Men’s)
Size XL 31-32.5 CM (Size 13-14.5 Men’s)

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

 Razors SL Black Skates

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