Them Skates Summer 2018

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 Them Skates Ivory

Jon Julio killing the game with his new skate company Them Skates. After parting ways with Roces, Julio went out and created his very own boot brand under the Themgoods umbrella. These skates come in at an amazing price point, $165 boot only. Them Skates are your basic hard shell boot but don’t let that fool you. These things fit like a dream and feel extra solid. Comparable to M12’s but with a wider shell, similar to USD VII or Razors SL skates in width. Their also extremely light in weight compared to many other skates on the market. Haven’t seen this much hype on a skate pretty much ever. So get your hands on a pair because their flying off the shelves.

Them Skates Black

The sizing on these skates are as follows:

Size Small ; 7/8 US
Size Medium ; 9/10 US
Size Large ; 11/12 US

Pretty much stick to what size you skate normally. Some of us at RW skate size 7-8 skates and the size small fit perfect. A size small Intuition V2 liner fits nicely inside the size small shell as well. Same goes for the other sizes. Any friends/customers that skate 9-10 or 11-12 skates, were also happy with the way the medium/large boots felt.

SHELL AND CUFF : TPU Impact Resistant Plastic

This shell has a nice solid feeling and a great connection to the soul plate. Nice and streamlined with no large gaps between the shell and soul plate. The lace area has a very unique look to it. Some skaters may not appreciate the lace look, but it’s actually super functional. The wavy lace look definitely grows on you as well. The cut out wavy lace holes allow you to really tighten your laces. Allowing the shell to wrap around your foot. Giving a nice secure feeling without the pressure points from a full plastic shell on top of the forefoot. This works great with the wider shell. While these do have a nice width keep in mind these aren’t Razors Genesys wide. In fact, their pretty slim looking. The shape of the shell is much more skater foot friendly then some of the slimmer boots out there. The fit width wise is comparable to the USD VII or Razors SL.

SOUL PLATE : Super Tough Nylon

These soul plates are great. Their like a new and improved Valo/Roces soul plate. With a much more up to date backslide/groove area that gives you a nice slide right out the box. The grind area is a nice size without being overly beefy like some other skate brands. Sometimes soul plates are so big it takes a while to break them in. On the other hand, some soul plates are so small they seem almost dead before you even skate them. These are a perfect middle ground, ready to shred right out the box. Extremely solid feeling like all past Valo soul plates Jon Julio has put his stamp of approval on.

LINER : Breathable Mesh and Memory Foam

The liner on this skate perfectly complements the styling of the shell. The cuff flap that wraps around the back of the cuff provides a nice secure feeling. Almost like a hybrid to a soft boot style skate. Locks into your cuff and provides a precise flexing motion without the lag. The liner itself looks basic but has a amazing fit for a stock liner at this price point. The padding inside the heel and forefoot is super plush and in all the right places. The toe box on these liners is what makes them so comfy. Their not super pointy nor have too much padding in the toes like a bunch of other liners. A perfect toe box area with a nice amount of padding in the heel makes a perfect combo for comfort in these skates. Tongue is chunky with a nice amount of padding; yet, it gives a natural flex without any weird pressure points.

Them Skates Black

Them Skates are simple , sleek, and solid. Over all these are one of best valued skates out there. Available at $165 boot only.
 Them Skates Ivory

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

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