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CUSTOM: Razors SL Mint Skates

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Razors SL Mint SkatesThe Razors SL skates are known for being one of the best skates to customize, and the new SL Mint skates are no exception. Every piece is replaceable and the shell can accommodate almost any liner. The Razors SL Mint skates are simple yet clean with the mint and black color scheme. Just begging to be customized we wanted to keep it simple like the stock setup but throw some custom goodness in there. Grab yourself a pair of these Mint SL skates before their gone!

The Frames: Youth Airliner Chris Haffey Pro Frames

Youth frames are molded from a vary hard and durable plastic. Solid one piece construction with integrated frame spacers. 8mm axels are damn near indestructible, and will hold up against the biggest gaps. Slightly recessed frame walls reduce your surface friction while grinding, along with the hard material they’re made out of give you a super fast grind. These frames are preferred by some of the top pro’s in the game, Julio, Haffey, & Farmer. Tried and tested by the pro team to perfect it’s design and construction. A very versatile frame that works well with all wheel setups. Solid set of frames for this Custom Setup.


Ground Control Nautical 57mm 90a Wheels

 57mm is the perfect size for any setup. Whether you ride flat or anti-rocker 57mm is a nice middle ground. Square/flat profile gives these wheels a super solid feeling.


The Bearings: Titen Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings represent the latest in bearing technology and offer many benefits:
• Ceramic bearings have 1/10th the friction of steel which means faster speeds and less effort.
• 60% Lighter Weight – Silicon Nitrate balls weigh 60% less than steel balls of the same size. Reduce your bearing rotating weight!
• Longer Life – Ceramic Bearings last up to 5 times longer than steel!
• Cooler Running – Ceramic Bearings have no micro weld adhesion between the balls & races which means lower friction. Ceramic also has a lower amount of thermal expansion which also reduces temperatures. Bearings run cooler and vibration levels are lower at high RPM
• No Special Handling or Cleaning

The Soulplates & Backslides: Slider Backslide Plates & Slider Grindplates & Slider Soulframes

 These are the soulplates for Razors SL style skates. The SL shell features a baseless design, and the Slider Soulframes act as the bottom of the shell along with the Slider Backslide PlatesSlider Grindplates. What this does is give you a closer to the foot feel when your grinding. Pretty much the distance between your foot and what your grinding has been greatly reduced, this results in a more natural grind and increased responsiveness. All of these parts are replaceable and are available in a


Reign Slim Liners

Reign’s 2018 product launch features a new liner designed to provide a perfect fit and comfortable ride. It features a slim shape which can help downsize to a smaller boot shell if a rider is in between sizes. New triple lacing in the cuff area, increases support and locks the foot back to help prevent the dreaded toe-bang. An articulated heel and ankle shape provide ample foothold. Each liner comes with a high rebound PU insole with arch support to provide shock absorption and stabilization. Our Reign has been restored.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

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 Razors SL Mint Skates


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