Razors SL Mint Skates

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Razors SL Mint Skates

Introducing the most impressive Razors SL color-way to date, the mint.  The SLMint offers a comfortable, quick ride – perfect in both street and skate park environments.  The SL is the only boot on the market to offer a complete baseless design, delivering increased contact with grinds, lower center of gravity and a drop in overall weight, all while maintaining long lasting support. Each piece of the SL skate is full replaceable, from the cuff-to the buckle-to each piece of the soul frame, including Razors’ patented backslide plate. The Mint has improved hardware and axles that help eliminate the annoying stripped bolt.  It also comes with a comfortable and streamlined, reformed Razors liner allowing more precise fit options with half sizes 7 ½ , 9 ½ & 10 ½.

The lightweight, hard-shell boot comes complete with a classic Razors cuff&buckle, reformed Razors liner, GC 59mm wheels, ABEC 9 Bearings and a GC FLT3 frame with stronger hardware. The SL Mint is a perfect ride, right out of the box, and proves durable and supportive, session after session.

–          SL Shell
–          Razors SL Liner
–          Plastic Buckle
–          SL Soul, Sliders & Backslide
–          GC FLT3 Frame with Plastic 42mm Anti Wheels
–          59mm/90A GC Wheels
–          ABEC 9 Bearings (sealed)
–          Fully Replaceable Liner, Buckle, Cuff, Soul, Sliders, Backslide Plate, Frames & Wheels
–          Improved GC Axle heads and soul frame hardware

The Frames: Ground Control Featherlite 3 Frames

The Ground Control Featherlite 3 frames are some of the best frames out right now, and one of our personal favorites. Several new upgrades to these frames have made them even better then before. New metal frame spacers makes it so you have a solid connection between your bearing and frame. This reduces friction, while giving enough space to let your wheel roll freely without letting your bearing rub against the inner sidewall of the frame. New plastic formula in these frames makes them slide faster then ever, and feel even more solid than the last generation. The black FL3 frames with black sickle axles go perfect with any custom setup.

Coming setup with special mint colored 42mm anti-rockers right out of the box.

Note: The frames that come on the SL MINT do not have the white FL3 stamp.

The Wheels & Bearings: Ground Control 59mm Wheels w/ Abec 9 Bearings

 These 59mm Ground Control wheels will have you rolling smoother and faster than usual. They come with Abec 9 rated bearings, that will be strong enough to hold up to those big drops and still roll fast.

The Soulplates & Backslides: Slider Backslide Plates & Slider Grindplates & Slider Soulframes

These are the soulplates for Razors SL style skates. The SL shell features a baseless design, and the Slider Soulframes act as the bottom of the shell along with the Slider Backslide PlatesSlider Grindplates. What this does is give you a closer to the foot feel when your grinding. Pretty much the distance between your foot and what your grinding has been greatly reduced, this results in a more natural grind and increased responsiveness. All of these parts are replaceable and are available in a variety of different colors.

The Liners: Razors SL Mint Liners
 New updated liner for this SL skate. Similar to the Razors Cult liner. Reformed padding structure creating a more streamlined fit without the extra bulk. Fits the SL shell nicely.

Roller Warehouse also carries the Razors SL in multiple different matching color styles. We can also customize and change the color of any other parts of the skate at no extra charge!

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

Razors SL Mint Skates

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