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CUSTOM- Rollerblade New Jack Pro 2018 Skates

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 Rollerblade New Jack Pro 2018 Skates

The latest line of Rollerblade New Jack skates are some of the best looking to drop in a while, and have been flying off the shelves. A lot of customers keep them stock since they come with some premium parts, but some don’t miss the opportunity to dial in that perfect custom setup. The New Jack pro comes in a cool olive color way just waiting to customize with parts from your favorite brands.

Create Originals OG Olive Frames

Version 4 “OG” Frames
Patented Customizable Graphic Display System
Newer, Faster, Stronger Material Composition
28 Grams Lighter Than Previous Versions
Precision Center H-Block Groove
8mm Axle Frame Hardware
Made In The U.S.A.

The Soulplate: Rollerblade New Jack Soulplate 

 The Soul plates on the NJ Pro are super fast and come with a huge groove right out the box. The main piece of the soul plates are glued onto the skin. However you can customize your skate with whites inserts and white cuffs with one of our New Jack cuff kits.

Konjure Flats 58mm 95a

Introducing the Konjure Flats, a wheel intended to be skated 8-down. We set out to produce a wheel that was reminiscent of the original flat skating era. We wanted a harder urethane, a small enough diameter and a stable profile. At 58mm/45D with a full/flat profile, these wheels are ideal for modern flat setups. The hard urethane provides some wheel bite relief, while the flat profile provides a good stable roll with adequate grip. Poured in Southern California with the best urethane available, these wheels will be tough and long lasting.

RollerBones Precision Skate Bearings

RollerBones Precision Skate Bearings come in a set of 8 bearings lubricated with Bones Speed Cream.

  • Precision Ground Skate Bearing
  • Removable High Speed Nylon Ball Cages
  • Removable Non-Contact, Frictionless Rubber Sheilds
  • Lubricated With Low Viscosity BONES SPEED CREAM
  • Fast, Long Lasting, Easy To Clean
  • 16 Bearings In Each Pack
100% heat mouldable, adjustable, anatomical ankle padding with perfect heel lock, thin & stretchable front part, comfortable thick padded ankle part, laceable top part.
If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.  Rollerblade New Jack Pro 2018 Skates

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