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CUSTOM: USD Aeon Lomax Pro Skates

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USD Aeon Lomax Pro Skates

The all new Nick Lomax Pro Aeon Skate from USD comes in a cool but simple all black color way. This blank canvas is the perfect skate to build a custom setup out of. Although the Aeon skate doesn’t have replaceable souls or frames you can still make a rad looking setup switching out the wheels and cuffs.
Unibody construction with lightweight one-piece shell, soulplate and frame. This creates a super lightweight skate that has a closer feel to your feet. No added space for hardware and a specially designed frame make these skates one of a kind.

USD Aeon Cuffs

 Customize you aeon skate with contrasting cuffs. Available in both Black and white, as well as all sizes. Get different colored buckles or straps to add more color to your setup.


Street Urethane Brian Weis 58mm 92a 

Pure white urethane and core. Poured in the USA.

Street Urethane is straight from our factory in California, that’s right US of A. Better urethane, and better cores! Street Urethane is keeping good on their promise to bring you not only the finest in clothing, and most exclusive rollerbladers, but Street Urethane is also stepped up their wheel game. Working closely with Undercover to produce wheels that last longer and don’t decore as easily.

Aeon soulplate:
perfectly shaped groove, reduced friction due to offset soul sliders, same width plates for controlled cess slides, optimized plate-frame angle. The one piece shell to frame construction also makes it so your foot is closer to the frame and soul plate. No mounting hardware takes away all the dead space that is usually in between your foot and soul plate on most other skates, a unique feeling feature of this skate you’ll have to try for yourself!

Myfit Skinny Boy liner:
100% heat mouldable, anatomical ankle padding with perfect heel lock, thin & stretchable front part, comfortable thick padded ankle part, laceable top part.

Replaceable 45° Velcro Power strap.

2-way rockerable V-Cuff.
Aeon Shock Absorber.

Note: The Shell, Soulplate, & Frame are one solid piece. So you can not replace those parts separately. Skate is designed to be skated Flat, would not recommend skating them Anti or Freestyle.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

USD Aeon Lomax Pro Skates

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