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CUSTOM: USD Aeon Eisler Pro Skates

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 USD Aeon Eisler Pro Skates The USD Aeon Eisler Pro Skates are some of the most unique looking skates to come out in sometime. The glossy finish and neon highlights make this skate flashy but not over the top. With Richie Eisler’s new Undercover pro wheel just dropping we figured it would be perfect to make a custom Aeon setup. USD and Powerslide makes a wide range of high end skate parts and have you covered when it comes to customizing your skates.The Wheels: Undercover Eisler Circus 68mm 88a

 Made with a Superjuice Compound. Advanced aggressive technology for free skate wheels brought over to the aggressive market. This wheel size and compound are a great middle ground between larger wheels and standard street skating aggressive wheels. These fit great on Aeon skates, as well as GC Big frames.

 The Bearings: Go Project Dom Bruce Bearings

Constructed using a single sided Nylon shield which does not dent like metal. This means that the ball bearings are less at risk of being crushed or caught between dented shields. Go Project does not use the generic ABEC scale to rate bearings because of its irrelevance to the specific tolerances imposed by inline skating. Quality of manufacturing and materials far surpass the importance of a rating based upon ‘revolutions per second’. Dom’s bearings simply have a Speciality Rating of 3/5 which represents their performance when used as a skate bearing.

Aeon soulplate:
perfectly shaped groove, reduced friction due to offset soul sliders, same width plates for controlled cess slides, optimized plate-frame angle. The one piece shell to frame construction also makes it so your foot is closer to the frame and soul plate. No mounting hardware takes away all the dead space that is usually in between your foot and soul plate on most other skates, a unique feeling feature of this skate you’ll have to try for yourself!

The Liner: Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Medium Green Liner

Roller Warehosuse recently got in the new MyFit FatBoy Medium liners from Powerslide. Perfect for a new custom skate or an upgrade to your current pair of skates.

The Myfit FatBoy liners are some of the best liners in the game right now. The perfect amount of padding in all the right places. These FatBoy liners are packed with tons of features these liners will not let you down. These liners have a nice perfectly wide width to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes and fit preferences, something a lot of the slimmer narrow liners can’t do.

These liners have a nice broad shape thats not too skinny, so it can accommodate a lot of different types of foot shapes. Great liner if your looking to upgrade your skates and works for most USD, Razors, Valo, and Rollerblade skates.


Note: The Shell, Soulplate, & Frame are one solid piece. So you can not replace those parts separately. Skate is designed to be skated Flat, would not recommend skating them Anti or Freestyle.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

   USD Aeon Eisler Pro Skates

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