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CUSTOM: Valo V13 Maroon Skates

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Valo V13 Maroon Skates 

Valo recently dropped their Maroon V13 skate, which just so happened to drop along the same time as the new Ground Control Mega Frame. The Mega Frame came in a range of colors including Maroon so we decided to make a custom skate with all these new maroon products. The V13 skate is known for being a super solid skate and likewise to the Ground Control Mega Frame. A perfect fit for someone looking to get a great flat setup or wants to try a bigger wheel size, without going all the way up to 72mm or above.

 The Frames: Ground Control Mega Maroon Frames

Ground Control recently dropped their Mega Frames. A slightly smaller version of the big frame, and also a larger version of the featherlite; however, this frame is great for riding flat. The H-block comes out below the normal grind area to help prevent wheel bite. These frames fit up to a 64mm wheel size.

The Wheels: Ground Control Star 62mm 90a

With the release of the Mega Frame Ground control also dropped a new line of wheels including a new 64mm and 62mm size. The 62mm is a great fit for the mega frame. It isnt the max wheel size but fits quite nicely, and is a perfect size for someone not too fond of the super big wheels. Nice big fat flat profile helps make these even more sturdy on gaps. Black Urethane is extra grippy and rolls great from the get go.

The Soul Plate: Valo V13 Soul Plates

While the v13 may pretty much be the same as other skinned valo skates, one thing that makes this skate feel way different than the other models is the soul plate. A solid one piece soul plate with a very rugged construction make these skate feel great. Slightly slimmer profile compared to the valo two piece soul plates but still provides a good amount of room on your soul and negative. Also comes with a nice and wide groove. Standard 8 point mounting system keep these locked tight on your skate and make them easily replaceable.

The Liner: Valo V13 Liner  

The Valo v13 liner is your basic valo liner design, but with a higher cuff and extra padding. Has an elastic strap that helps keep the tongue as well as liner secure in the skate as well as on your foot, and a liner carrying strap. These liners will give you a lot more support and control as soon as you put them into your skates, they feel great right out the box. Also as a neoprene toe for less pressure and extra comfort.

If your thinking about picking up a pair of skates and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

Valo V13 Maroon Skates

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