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CUSTOM: Xsjado 2.0 Farmer 6 Skates

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Xsjado 2.0 Farmer 6

 The new Xsjado Farmer skate comes as a bare skeleton. No foot wrap, frames or wheels. A perfect skate to customize from scratch and make into the setup that fits your skating best.

  Classic color scheme paying homage to a retro video game console. Upgrades to velcro straps and cuff padding. Classic step in enclosure for maximum comfort and fit.

The Frame: Valo Team Frame

 Some skaters prefer to switch out their stock frames as soon as they get a new pair of skates or get a boot only. These Valo team frames are some of the best stock skate frames on the market and are definitely worth a try. Their one of the more solid frames out right now with extremely thick sidewalls, a perfect groove and reinforced design. These fames slide great and come with beveled sidewalls to reduce friction and keep those bolts covered nicely while grinding. This frame is great for both anti-rocker and flat-rocker setups.

The Wheels: Dead Blue 58mm 88a and Dead Red 58mm 92a

This Custom Skate comes with a flat setup but with different hardness wheels. This will make a very unique and great feeling ride once worn in. The Dead Reds are harder and thus may wear slightly slower than the outside wheels resulting in a natural rocker in a conventional flat rocker setup. Making it so you can turn effortlessly and without lifting your feet fully off the ground. On top of that having the harder wheels on the inside will be a bit more forgiving on groove tricks when grinding.


The Soulplate: Xsjado 2.0 One Piece Soulplate

Xsjado skates have always been known for their fat beefy soul plates, making a lot of grinds feel exceptionally good and easy to do. The Xsjado 2.0 one piece soul plate is as solid as it gets. Super strong construction and great grooves out the box make these some of the best souls on the market.

Xsjado Schwab II Footwraps

Black suede outer. Walkable sole. True to size fit. Compatible with all Xsjado Skates. Perfect fit for these skates since they don’t normally come with foot wraps.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

 Xsjado 2.0 Farmer 6

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