50/50 Classic Balance Frames

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50/50 Classic Balance Frames

  50/50 Frames has made their resurgence back on the scene and their coming in hot with the re-release of one of the best frames to ever exist in skating. The 50/50 Classic Balance Frames are great all around frames whether you skate flat, anti-rocker, or no middle wheels at all. This frame is super solid and come with some proper hardware. If you remember loving this frame back in the day or never had the chance to try them, nows your chance to get your hands on a pair.

Included in the box:
8 axles
16 frame spacers
6 UFS frame bolts (2 extra just in case)
50/50 Logo Labels

Sometimes a large groove can be a bummer because the frame will feel almost too broken in right out the box and won’t last long. On the other hand, not having a good start groove in the frame at all can make it sketchy to do groove tricks and also harder to break the frames in. These 50/50 frames are a perfect middle ground. Coming out the box with a perfect groove that is ready to be dialed in to your preference.

The sidewalls on this frame feature slider bumps to keep the frame bolts recessed, but without adding a ton of bulk like other frames. This makes the frame last longer and slide faster.

Tech Specs:
58mm max wheel size
95mm split between 2 and 3
8mm axle diameter
256g weight per frame, no hardware
Medium: 250mm
Large: 270mm
These frames even come with Juice blocks for the middle wheels. So you have all the options for how you want to ride your setup. If you do go the no middle wheel/no-rocker route these blocks help out a lot in keeping your frame nice and solid.

There’s not many frames on the market with this super solid construction. Other frames that feel this sturdy often times feel a lot heavier. These frames are a great middle ground between lightness and strength.

If you’re interested in ordering a set of 50/50 frames or have any questions give us a call at 1-800-772-2502

50/50 Classic Balance Frames

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