K2 Front Street Skates

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 K2 Front Street SkatesK2 just recently dropped their all new line of skates. With tons of new upgrades the new Front Street skates are one of a kind. Setting the benchmark for the new line of aggressive inline skates, the Front Street is ready to take whatever you throw at it.  Combine that with the aggressive cuff which offers proven performance and support for the biggest of gaps, with the added benefits of a shock absorbing foot bed. 
Lacing: Traditional
Skate Frame: Aggressive UFS Frame and Aggressive Base
Wheel Bearings: 56 mm 88A Wheels/ ABEC-5 Bearings (Max Wheel 61mm)
Skate Cuff: Aggressive
Colors: Gray/Blue
The frame on the new K2 skates is a whole new design thats aimed at Flat Rocker skating. With a brand new, UFS compliant frame that is designed to be ridden with 4 wheels flat to increase your speeds and to keep your grinds flawless. The enhanced H-block covers a portion of the middle wheels lets these frames grind without getting caught up as easy as it normally would be riding all 8 wheels. Being able to roll flat has so many benefits such as speed, turning, shock absorption, and stability; however, it usually limits your grinding capabilities since normal urethane wheels don’t slide on ledges/rails as well as anti-rocker plastic wheels. These frames give you the chance to experience the best of both worlds. On top of that the frames axles are able to be rockered in different positions, allowing you to customize the profile of your wheels within your frame.

The soul plate has been tweaked around and has a much lower profile than the previous models with a redesigned groove. These soul plates slide great and have an very solid looking groove right out the box.
 K2 has always been known for their patented Soft boot technology to make their skates fit and feel one of a kind. These new Front Street skates are no different and feel great right out the box. Carbon skates and having the lightest skates are the biggest craze now a days; yet, people don’t realize these K2 skates are actually extremely light. Having a built in liner with virtually no shell cuts a ton of the bulk out, but the soft boot style of the skates makes it so they keep a good amount of support.

The cuff and strap enclosure system lets you have a nice amount of natural flex while still giving the rigidity need to stomp some big gaps. The 45 degree ankle strap is big, beefy and holds your foot perfectly in place. K2 also added an additional strap at the top of the liner to enhance the ability to customize your flex throughout the cuff. The tongue of the skate is anatomical and fits great from the get go, no bulky padding to break in.

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  K2 Front Street Skates

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