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NEW Jug Black Sox 3 Liners

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 Jug Black Sox 3 Liners

Jug liners have been a favorite among many skaters for a long time, known for their plush padding and nice comfort. Now Jug dropped the newest Black Sox 3 Liner with new upgrades resulting in a better fit. One of the best liners just got even better.

The Black Sox 3 liner comes with a dual density foam consisting of a high density EVA foam on the outside, for support and stress distribution, and a softer inner PU foam to adapt to the contours of your foot. A 3/4″ thick padding of the articulated tongue significantly enhances fit and comfort.

• Dual density foam
• Elastic V-cut insert
• Articulated ankle shape
• J-pad ankle lock
• 4-point lacing system
• Articulated, pre-shaped tongue   The Neoprene toe and heel seem to be a lot stronger than the previous models and give more support while also letting your foot stretch out where needed. The flex slices at the ankle also seem to be slightly different than before and lets the liner have a nice true flex without pressure points like some liners can have at times.

Tough bottom soul of the liner ensures you don’t feel any hardware through your shell and also makes the liner last a lot longer. The tongue and padding in the heel has been re-shaped and fits even better than before. Overall the tongue isn’t as fat and plush as before but thats a good thing, they feel more proper on the foot and won’t pack out over time. The padding still has an awesome heel pinch but doesn’t have as much un-needed bulk as before but that makes it feel like a way more precise fit right out of the box. More anatomical with less bulky padding makes these liners great for tons of different skates. The Liner lacing also seems to work better now that the tongue isn’t so bulky and fits to your foot with a low profile.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

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  Jug Black Sox 3 Liners


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