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K2 IL Capo Skates

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K2 IL Capo Skates

Roller Warehouse just got in the new K2 IL Capo Skates. This skate falls more into the Urban/freeskate category that is meant to be more of a cruising skate, but also has a great aggressive skate feel to it, so doing tricks with this skate can also be really fun. Always super comfy out the box, K2 skates are known for being some of the lightest and best feeling skates out on the market. The IL Capo is no exception when it comes to high level performance and comfort. The skin to these skates also feature a 3m reflective style material to help keep you safe and visible when skating the streets at night.

The Frame: K2 Alluminum Urban Frame

 K2 Urban frame features an all aluminum unibody construction. Super solid and nearly indestructible these frames will withstand the abuse of everyday skating. Unlike many other ubran/freeskate frames these have a nice wide base/platform where the frame connects to the boot. This will make the skates feel even more study and will help eliminate any boot or frame flexing. The wheel bolts are also cool since you only need one allen wrench to loosen or tighten them. These frames fit 80mm or smaller wheels. The Wheels and Bearings: 80mm 84a Hyper Concrete G Wheels w/ ILQ-7 Bearings

These skates come setup with some 80mm 84a Hyper Concrete G wheels. These Concrete G model wheels are known for their long lasting durability with a super strong center core. Superior grip also ensures great turning capabilities as well as a smooth ride. Formula made to roll especially good on concrete but will still be great on any indoor surface. ILG-7 Bearings are similar to ABEC 7 rated bearings and will have you rolling fast right out the box. These bearings also come with dual metal shields to help keep the dirt out and maintenance to a minimum.

The Liner: K2 Soft Boot

The K2 soft boot technology provides a great fit that’ll be great for all sorts of foot shapes and sizes. K2 has a signature Soft Boot Technology that means the liner and boot are all built-in one piece. This makes the skates very light and comfy. These skates have a very unique feel compared to other skates that can make for a fun ride. The aggressive cuff and soul-plate combo compliments the soft boot liner nicely and gives the support you need. Adjustable buckle and 45 degree ankle strap keep your foot locked in nice and tight.

 The Il Capo is one of the most versatile inline skates in the K2 line. It’s what you get when you take the best of what an aggressive skate has to offer: highly supportive, bulletproof construction, combined with a short, highly maneuverable Aluminum Frame. This Urban/freeskate is a perfect hybrid between street skates and recreational/cruiser skates.

K2 IL Capo Skates

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