USD VII Olive 2015 Skates

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 USD VII Olive 2015 Skates

A skate that is growing in popularity, the USD VII skate is now made from stiffer materials and has one of the most up-to-date soulplates on the market. The USD VII is a perfect skate for all levels of skating, and comes at a great price. This skate is one of the more basic looking skates, but don’t let that fool you. This skate is packed with tons of features and their extremely well built rugged skates that’ll handle anything you throw at them.

 A modestly priced skate that comes with top of the line parts from top to bottom. A superior soul plate for better slides/grinds, Kizer Frames for a solid feel, and USD Phoenix liners to keep your feet feeling nice and comfy. Don’t miss out on this skate in a totally new color scheme that won’t be around for long!

The Frames: Kizer Fluid 4 Frame

These skates come with some Kizer Fluid 4 frames, which go perfectly with this rugged skate. The Kizer Fluid 4 frame has been around for quite sometime and is a favorite frame amongst many skaters worldwide. Super solid construction and nice wide groove for grinds makes this one of the best frames for street and park skating. These frames slide real nice on almost any grinding surface.

The Wheels and Bearings: USD 57mm 89a Wheels, UC 43mm Plastic Anti’s and Abec 5 bearings

These skates come setup with some generic USD wheels in a 57mm size with a 89a hardness. Perfect wheel for both street and park skating. Also comes equipped with some Abec 5 bearings to have you rolling fast right out the box. For middle wheels these come setup with some Undercover Plastic Anti-rockers in 43mm size, perfect for doing all your grinds on any surface.

The Soulplate: USD VII Soulplates

A lot of people really love the soul plates that come on the VII skates. Some people even put them on other skates like Carbon 3 skates and other brand of skates sometimes. This rugged soul plate is perfect for aggressive street skating and withstands whatever you can throw at them. They slide great and come with a super nice groove. People like this soul plate so much they even put them onto other skates such as USD Carbons.

The Liners: USD Phoenix Liners

 USD is known for having some of the best liners in the game, and these Phoenix liners are no exception. Nice and comfy right out of the box they come with a gel pre formed tongue, Inner liner lacing and an awesome footbed. A lot of features you don’t normally see on liners now a days. This liner is one of the more comfy liners on the market that will keep your feet feeling good while skating all day.

The USD VII is a great skate with an even better price tag. The quality of the skate one of the best on the market and won’t let you down. If you want a great feeling and solid looking skate then The USD VII Olive 2015 skates are for you.

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 USD VII Olive 2015 Skates

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