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Kaltik Baats Freeskate Frames

Written by RW

 Kaltik Baats Freeskate Frames

 RW just got in Kaltiks new Freeskate frame, the Baats. These revolutionary frames allow you to ride either a 3 x 110mm wheel setup or a 4 x 90mm setup. The frame is equally as solid no matter what setup you ride. Kaltik is known for making some unique and solid quality products, this frame is no exception. There isn’t very many 3-wheel frames out there and even less 90mm aluminum frames out there; however, with these you get the best of both worlds in a single frame. If you were interested in getting a big wheel setup but don’t know whether you want to go 4 wheel or 3 wheel this is the perfect frame for you. Also if you catch yourself riding a ton of different terrains on your big wheels these frames will be quite the treat.

CNC Aluminum Frames

Aluminum is known for its superior strength while maintaining a very low weight.

One Size Fits All (30cm end to end, 27.75cm wheel base)

UFS mount capable of being attached to any UFS skate.

Light Weight Design (10.5 oz’s per frame)

The shape of the frame is very unique compared to anything else on the market today. Paired with the use of aluminum material creates a super light weight frame.

Max Wheel Size: 3x 110mm or 4x 90mm

Choose what wheel size fits your needs best. You can vary between 90mm or 110mm. Change out your wheels based on the terrain.

Includes Axles & Bearing Spacers 

Roller warehouse also carries a ready to roll 3x110mm Kaltik Baat/Ground Control setup.

Kaltik Baats Freeskate 110mm Frame Kit 

 Kaltik Baats Freeskate Frames 

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