Roces M12 Lo Joe Atkinson Pro Skates

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Roces M12 Lo Joe Atkinson Pro Skates

Joe Atkinson has been traveling the world shredding everything in site. It’s no wonder that Roces gave the man his first pro skate. Roller Warehouse just got these beauties in, and they look even better in person. This skate isn’t that much different from previous M12 skates; however, if it isn’t broke why fix it? Joe Atkinson added his own bit of flavor upgrading the wheels, laces, and liner. These small touches really bring out the quality of the skates. The blue and silver combo really makes the skate pop. Probably the best looking M12 skate to come out in quite sometime. Get them before their gone!

Heavy-duty material for the inner boot
Hardwearing hockey waxed laces
Very high quality compound wheels, 60mm 93a new profile
Special portrait box
Hard PU
Comfort liner
Low cuff
Old school handle
Made in Italy

Roces Team Frame

The Roces frame is a amazing stock frame. One of the most underestimated frames on the market today. It’s great for both flat and anti rocker skating. Super solid sidewalls and rugged construction makes these last long and slide fast. Perfect frame for these skates.

60mm 93a Roces Joe Atkinson Wheels

Joe Atkinson also added a bit of his style with a flat wheel setup right out the box. The 60mm size will get you going at high speeds. While the 93a hardness will give them a bit harder feel that’ll make grinding and sliding around easier. The profile on these wheels is a very cool and unique round profile with a very small flat space.
The Roces Lo cut cuff is lower to previous M12 models. However their the same as V13 cuffs just with a re-shaped buckle. The new plastic materials in the shell help give a more responsive flex. Joe Atkinson also added some nice waxed laces that help keep the skate stay nice and tight.

Roces M12 Liner
The stock liner looks basic but actually fits the skate quite nicely. Compared to previous model V13 skates the tongue on these liners feel a bit more sturdy. Neoprene toes ensure they don’t cramp the toes too much. Roces also added a more rugged carrying strap. These are among the better stock liners on the market. Joe Atkinson added a stronger material on the outer area of the liner. This creates a nice sturdy feeling around the buckle/cuff area.
The M12 is a classic skate that some of the best tricks in skating have gone down in. Their tried and trusted by many skaters across world. Joe Atkinson is out there on these skates doing backflips in the streets and winning contests. So you know their more then capable to handle any situation. 


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