Nostalgic New Release from USD: The Shadow Latimer Pro Skates

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Ready for a throwback? Introducing the first and only aggressive skate that offers the best of both worlds in skating and walking.


USD Shadow Latimer Pro Skate

The USD Shadow Latimer Pro Skate has a fully functional shoe and liner for walking all while serving as a top-notch skate for grinding, sliding, and jumping.


USD Shadow Latimer Pro Boots

This skate by USD honors one of the aggressive inline-skating G.O.A.T.S, Dustin Latimer, who helped bring the original Xsjado brand to life. 


USD Dustin Latimer Footwraps

Throwing it back to the original low profile foot wrap design, along with the original 3-piece soles for maximum customization. The foot wraps look beefier and the hardware used on newer Shadow skates helps the longevity of these skates. This skate is made to grind and have a blast on every skate spot in sight.


Kizer Type X Frame

These skates also come with a Kizer Type X frame, which resembles the original Xsjado Mook frame. This frame allows you to define aggressive inline skating on your own terms. Its H-block allows for grinding on any surface, no matter the angle. While a lot of parts resemble the original Xsjado models, this skate definitely has some nice upgrades in quality.


Wicked Abec 9 Bearings

Built to last, the Wicked Abec 9 bearings in this skate allow for speed and duration, while the 58mm 90a wheels are designed for optimal balance in durability and slide.

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