Rollerblade Twister Edge 80mm Skates

Rollerblade Twister Edge 80mm Skates

Twister Edge is a highly-versatile and durable urban skate. Molded boots, anatomical fit and a sole designed with an Anti Torsion Box increase the control. Aluminum plates and lateral sliders are built-in with torsional 243mm frame rigidity, adding power transfer and control. 80mm Supreme wheels paired with ILQ-7 Plus bearings provide excellent grip and speed. A v-shape liner provides ventilation, extra cushion and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The secure closure system includes micro-buckles and lacing; brake is included. Twister Edge is a compelling combination of fit, support and maneuverability for every urban skater.

The new Twister Edge is one of the most solid feeling 80mm skates on the market. All of our shop employees ride this skate as their Urban/Freeskate setup. All the features of this skate complement each other nicely creating a great setup for both beginner and advance skaters.

• HIGHLY-VERSATILE MOLDED SHELL – Created for urban, fitness, commute and recreation

• ENHANCED WRAPPING – Molded support with a V-cut cuff for added flexibility with slalom skating

• ROLLERBLADE SUPREME WHEELS – 80mm/85A wheels with ILQ-7 Plus bearings reduce wear and maximize speed

• MAXIMUM POWER TRANSFER – Anti Torsion Box in the sole and aluminum plates in the shell ensure frame/shell connection is rigid; frame can be upgraded to 3WD 110

• FIRST FIT HIGH-PERFORMANCE LINER – Shaped ankle heel lock padding, First Fit tongue and instep wrap, heel shock absorber, cuff buckle, micro-adjustable buckles and lace closure system

Rollerblade Twister Edge 80mm Skates

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