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In recent years few if any have made such an impact on the sport as Nils Jansons has. As a kid he’s relentlessly proven the blading world that he came to make a difference. Now as a young man it is no surprise that he is leading a whole new generation of bladers, and receiving a well deserved signature model from Remz.
For those unfamiliar with Remz, they’re a lower cut skate than normal offering more flexibility in the ankle area, an example of their freedom of feet concept. Half soft boot, half hard boot, giving you the best of both words. Laces all the way to the top, to enhance fit and support.

The Frames: Ground Control Featherlite 3 Frames
Ground Control is premiering their new Featherlite 3 frames with this skate.
The new frames now have metal frame spacers, which give you a solid connection between the Frame Spacers, Bearings, & Wheels giving you the best possible free spin. A big upgrading and something their line of frame desperately needed.
Also a brand new plastic formular which improved durability and grinding speed.
Ground Control just made on of the best frames on the market even better.
Since the axels have the self locking sickle head on one end, you only need one allen wrench to swap out your wheels or anti’s. These frame have a recessed frame wall, and what that does is when your grinding it reduces your surface friction, making you slide faster. Beveled edges for better cess slides. Coming setup with 42mm anti-rockers right out of the box.
Laces on the front and back of the skate help the skin wrap around the shell tighter, providing more support and a slimmer looking skate once tightened up.
The Wheels: BHC Nils Jansons 58mm 88A Pro Wheels
BHC (Black Hearted Collaboration) quality urethane wheels out of Europe, poured to the standard of some of the best.
58mm is the ideal size for an anti-rocker setup, and 88a will provide unmatched grip on all surfaces. Not your everyday Generic Wheels, these are the real deal.
The Liners:
Laces up system on the liner to reduce heel lift and give the skate a more reposnsive feel.
The tongue of the liner is now thinner and made of a gel foam, which forms to the conture of your ankle. The outside of the tongue is fitted with a curved plastic peice, kind of like old salomon liners if you remeber those. This also aids in fit and helps keep the tongue from twisting around while your skating.
Removeable V-Cut insert in the back, which can match up with the Cuff, which is also V-Cut-able.
The top flap of the liner wraps around the inner shell of the skate locking the liner in place so if won’t be moving on you inside of the shell.
Neoprene toe reduces pressure on your toes.
New shock abosrber is now 2-3 times as thick as their previouse ones.
These liners are hands down the best for the skate.
The Souls & Backslides: HR 1.2 Soulframes & HR 1.2 Backslide Plates

The new HR 1.2 Soulframes feature Remz all new True Balance frame positioning. Now the frame is directly centered under the foot, to increase stability and responsiveness while grinding. A huge upgrade from their previous models.

The HR 1.2 Backslide Plates now feature a two point mounting system, instead of the older one point mounting system. This ensures a much more solid backslide that wont bud when your lacing your groove tricks.
The Bearings: Generic Abec 7′s
or bearings they come setup with some Generic Abec 7′s, pretty standard, with dual metal shields to help keep lube in, and keep gunk and dirt out.
If your thinking about picking up a pair of have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

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