Razors Genesys 10 Skates

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Razor’s bringing you a fresh new skate for 2014. It’s been quite some time since they’ve had a black Genesys skate come out, so they released the brand new Genesys 10 Skates. This is the standard Genesys style skate, they fit very true to size, the shell has a some extra width to it, to accommodate multiple different foot shapes. They’re also known for have a super padded stock liner and this skate is no different, super comfy right out of the box and ready to shred. As always these come rocking Ground Controls signature Featherlite 2 frame with sickle axels and recessed frame walls.

Click Here For: Razors Genesys 10 – $199.00 Complete
Click Here For: Razors Genesys 10 – $169.00 Boot Only
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Click Here For: Razors Genesys 10 Red- $169.00 Boot Only
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Click Here For: Razors Genesys 10 Venom – $169.00 Boot Only
Click Here For: Razors Genesys 10 White – $199.00 Complete
Click Here For: Razors Genesys 10 White  – $169.00 Boot Only
The Frames: Ground Control Featherlite 2 Black Frames
These are the Ground Control Featherlite 2 Frames, solid one piece construction with the 8mm Sickle axel. Since the axels have the self locking sickle head on one end, you only need one allen wrench to swap out your wheels or anti’s. These frame have a recessed frame wall, and what that does is when your grinding it reduces your surface friction, making you slide faster. Beveled edges for better cess slides. Coming setup with 42mm anti-rockers right out of the box. These are hands down some of my favorite frames that come stock on any skate.
The Liners: Razors Black Genesys Liner

Peep game on the liners that come stock in the new Razors Genesys 10 Skates. These are definitely some of the most padded liners to ever come stock in a skate. What that offers is comfort right out of the box which is surprisingly something alot of skates don’t offer.. They rock a rubberized carrying strap in the back, and also a big plus, the tongue of the liner has elastic attachments that hold the sides of it to the liner preventing that painful twisting tongue delima.

The Wheels & Bearings:

Coming out the box setup with some standard Generic Wheels 56mm, now since these frames can fit up to a 59mm in a freestyle or anti setup, i would recommend upgrading your wheels to something bigger and better, just so they’ll last you longer. They are a 90a hardness so they will hold up to tough streets and pavement
For bearings they come setup with some Generic Abec 5 bearings, pretty standard, with dual metal shields to help keep lube in, and keep gunk and dirt out.
The Souls & Backslides: Razors Genesys UFS Soulframes & Razors Xl Backslide Plates

On the left we have the soul plates for Genesys style skates, solid 4 point mounting system make replacement easy. The slits in the bottom of the soulplate reduce your surface friction giving you a faster grind, also as you skate them these slits will fill with wax helping lubricate your grinds. We have these soulplates in a bunch of different colors and can swap them out for no additional charge, to do this you just gotta call us up and place your order over the phone, 1-800-772-2502.

On the right we have the backslides for Genesys style skates, these are beefy backslides and are easily replaced. Beefy construction give you plenty of breathing room to groove these to your exact grinding style. Same story with this part, we can swap it out for no additional charge.

If you have any questions about product or skating in general, feel free to give us a call, we’re more than willing to help you out, 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

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