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Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Skates

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 Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Skates Quick and maneuverable, the Twister defines urban mobility with attitude. The chic, retro styling of classic inline skates blended with modern conveniences makes this the perfect vehicle with raised performance and a versatile ride. The Twister skate has been out for quite some time but now comes with some new improvements. A newly re-designed liner makes these skates even more comfy and a new side protector plate helps keep your skate from getting scratched when you do wheel slides or turn too hard and scrape the ground. New Rollerblade Supreme wheels are the icing on the cake giving you the smoothest and fastest ride around.

The Rollerblade Twister 80 is the ideal urban skate. Great for any kind of skating it can be used to just cruise around, do some tricks, distance skate, or just get some exercise. These skates come with premium Rollerblade parts and will not leave you disappointed. These skates also feature a 45 degree ankle buckle to help make sure your foot stays in place. Something a lot of skates do not come with and will help make these skates ride even better and more solid.

The Wheels and Bearings: Rollerblade Supreme 80mm Wheels and SG9 Bearings

Rollerblade Supreme wheels are some of the best wheels to come on a pair of urban skates. Their super fast and have the perfect amount of grip to still do some tricks or even wheel slides. The 80mm size is perfect for cruising and making tight turns but also capable of throwing some tricks in there as well. The SG9 bearings will have you rolling super fast and smooth right out of the box.

 The Liner: Rollerblade Premium Twister Liner

Rollerblade is known for making high quality goods and their liners are a key part to why their skates are some of the best. These rollerblade twisters feature a premium 5 star fit Rollerblade liner. Rollerblade recently re-designed this liner to make it fit your foot even better. Super comfy right out the box and will break in and form to your foot overtime.

The Frame: Rollerblade Alluminum Frame 

Alluminum frames are becoming more poplar once again. They offer a very solid ride while keeping the skate light weight. These frames have a raised heel so they are non-UFS but can fit any RB Twister/Maxxum skate. Super light weight frame with a nice solid contraction, perfect for urban and free skating.

 Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Skates

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