Seba CJ 10th Anniversary Pro Boots

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 Seba CJ 10th Anniversary Pro BootsRoller Warehouse just recently got the all new CJ Wellsmore Seba Skates. These new Seba skates come in a new 10th anniversary edition color way and a few improvements. Celebrate CJ Wellsmore’s achievements with the new CJ 10th Anniversary promodel skates. Check out their new outer layer’s design and spot Its symbols, which reflect CJ’s personality. Experience the most advanced skates on the market, and throw your best tricks!
Loyal to the brand philosophy, all parts of the CJ skates, are developed and tested with the involvement of our pro team members. CJ’s pro model skate combines high performance, durability and comfort to create the best aggressive inline-skate on the market today. On this renewed version for 2015, two major improvements were added: Inner Liner without stitching to prevent ripping & Changeable Abrasive Pad to prevent abrasion on the side. Carbon & Fiber Glass inner shell.

 The Soulplate: Seba One Piece Soulplate Seba Wellsmore skates come with the Seba one piece soul plate. The solid one piece plate gives you a solid connection to your grinds and reduces weight from unneeded hardware or extra parts. These come setup with a perfect groove and slide amazing on all surfaces. The CJ 10th Anniversary skates have a built in non-removeable liner. This means you can’t replace the liner but instead gives you a very low profile skate. Having a built in liner on a carbon skate makes the skate even more light and agile. Bring the soul plate closer to your foot for a closer to the ground and grind feeling a lot of other skates don’t give.

The skates also come with a high quality 45 degree ankle strap. The ankle strap helps lock your foot into your skate and keeps your foot from moving around, making a solid fit inside the skate.


 Seba CJ 10th Anniversary Pro GC Skates

 Roller Warehouse also carries a complete Seba CJ 10th Anniversary skate. This complete skate comes with upgraded frames, wheels, and bearings. Perfect to have you shredding the streets right out the box.

 Complete with: Ground Control Featherlite 3 White Frames, Eulogy Soichiro 58mm 89a, & Abec 9 Bearings.

 Don’t pass this skate up since this is sure to be a limited edition skate. Personally my favorite looking Seba skates yet. Some of the highest quality skates on the market, not too many other skates come close to the way these ride.

 If you ever have any questions about product or skating in general, feel free to call us up at 1-800-772-2502 (Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm PST) and ask for me (Hirt), and I’ll  be glad to help you out.

  Seba CJ 10th Anniversary Pro Boots

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