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Undercover Postcard WheelsUndercover just dropped their new line of aggressive street wheels. One of my favorite series of graphic the “Postcard” line of wheels is back with new color ways on all the pro wheels. Undercover has some of the best wheel urethane out there, especially for street skating. With a size range of 57mm t0 60mm and available in different hardness and wheel profiles, Undercover postcard lineup of wheels has everyone covered.

 Roman Abrate Wheels 60mm 90a Roman Abrate is one of the newer UC pros, but a well seasoned park ripper. Cool french alps graphic on these wheels. These wheels come in the round profile that make them great for turning and skating pretty much anything right from the get go. These come in a cool solid red color and a 60mm size with 90a hardness. Perfect wheel for any aggressive style skating whether it be street or park.

Jeph Howard Wheels 58mm 89a 

 Jeph Howard has been around for quit some time, and is shredding better than ever. Jeph has alway been a staple pro of the Midwest so its only natural his wheel graphic show it. This wheel comes in a square profile which is great for aggressive skating. They may not turn as good as the round profile right when you put them on but they break in quick, and offer some advantages the round profile wheels don’t have. The square profile wheels when fresh make toe rolls a breeze and also offer better shock absorbing capabilities when taking huge drops.

 Dustin Werbeski Wheels 60mm 90a Dustin Werbeski has built a name for himself by being extremely creative on any obstacle in sight, whether it be a curb or a death defying drop ledge. You know when skating his Pro wheels your going to get the best ride when getting weird in the streets. Dustin Werbeski’s skating is out of this world so the Moon graphic goes great for this wheels. These wheels also come in the 60mm size 90a hardness with a round profile. Personally one of my favorite size and shape wheels for aggressive skating.

 Nick Lomax Wheels 60mm 90a Nick Lomax has grown into a powerhouse in the blade scene. Hailing from the UK but now a solid piece of the Barcelona scene, hence why his wheel is a Barcelona graphic. This guy destroys everything on every kind of skate, so you know anything he rides needs to be reliable no matter the setup. You’ll probably notice a lot of the UC wheels are 60mm 90a with the round profile. This is because that is a great size, shape, and hardness for skating. It maintains a great amount of grip while still giving you good turning, grinding, and sliding capabilities.

Richie Eisler Wheels 58mm 88a  Richie Eisler has been a huge influence on the skating scene in recent years and has been around shredding harder and longer than many pros around today. Since Richie is quite the traveling nomad his wheel features a nice minimal postcard graphic. Richie is another one of those skaters that has an incredible sense of creativity and the ability to use it on obstacles of all sizes. His pro wheels come in a 58mm size and 88a hardness, perfect for street skating, but will perform equally as well in the park.

Iain Mcleod Wheels 57mm 90a  Iain Mcleod is another seasoned vet thats on the UC pro team. His wheels features a California beach graphic and comes in at the smallest size but not by much at 57mm with 90a hardness and that makes them perfect for getting tech. Iain Mcleod is known for completely destroying street spots so you know this wheel is perfect for the technical street spots. The square profile and 57mm size still make this an all around great wheel for any aggressive shredding.

If your thinking about placing an order or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

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