USD Aeon 60mm Lomax II Pro Skates

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USD Aeon 60mm Lomax II Pro Skates

 Nick Lomax is a machine and has been one of the best for many years now. A seasoned vet on the USD team, he just received his newest Pro Aeon skate. This new skate comes in a the popular Aeon boot style skate from USD. Lomax is known for being master of all aspects of blading. From doing the most tech switch ups ever to the hugest hammers of the decade, Lomax does it all. So when he chooses to strap into a pair of Aeons you know these skates are legit.

Unibody construction with lightweight one-piece shell, soulplate and frame.

60mm flat frame:
counter-sunk wheel cut outs for lowest profile possible, internal reinforcements for increased rigidity, side sliders, 256mm wheel base (size 41 EU), 78mm groove width (size 41 EU), metal spacers.

Aeon soulplate: perfectly shaped groove, reduced friction due to offset soul sliders, same width plates for controlled cess slides, optimized plate-frame angle.

USD Aeon wheels: 61mm, 90A SHR, flat profile.

WCD Abec 7 bearings: Balls: 7 balls, chrome steel Retainer: Reinforced nylon Shield: Rubber 2RZ Lubrication: synthetic oil

Replaceable 45° Velcro Power strap.
2-way rockerable V-Cuff.
Aeon Shock Absorber.

Liner: MYFIT 2nd Skin Dual Fit

The MYFIT 2nd Skin liner is perfectly shaped for boots with a narrower shell that leaves less room for padding. The toe box features a 4-way stretchable SBR material that covers two sizes. It wraps around the foot like a second skin. The tongue of the liner is made of a pre-shaped and molded EVA foam. This liner provides full control, a super fit and great comfort. The heel area is fully heat moldable and allows you to customize the fit again and again. The 2nd Skin liner includes the “custom heel fit”, a molded EVA foam to optimize heel lock.The lacing on the 2nd skin liner adds extra stability and fixation for maximum control and performance. The lace loops on the liner give two options – to lace just the liner or to connect shell and liner to further improve the heel lock.Recommmended for narrow fitting skate shells, wider feet, skaters who want to downsize their skates, skaters who want performance and function

Note: The Shell, Soulplate, & Frame are one solid piece. So you can not replace those parts separately. Skate is designed to be skated Flat, would not recommend skating them Anti or Freestyle.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.


USD Aeon 60mm Lomax II Pro Skates

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