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USD Shadow Trimax Skates

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USD Shadow Trimax Skates

The latest addition to the USD family comes in the form of the brand new Shadow skate. A rework on the very popular Xsjado skate series, the design centres around an adjustable binding system similar to those found in the snowboarding world. A 45 degree wrap round ratchet buckle system securely holds your instep in place whilst additional toe and shin buckles complete the mechanism. This models has a new cuff fixation system with an overinjected aluminum plate inside the lower cuff to give more support and stability. As a result also the perfromance is improoved and it will prevent any problems between the connection cuff, boot and frame, as the frame now is directly connected to the cuff. The skate comes with the brand new USD/MYFIT collaboration, the walkable Eclipse crossliner. This skate has all the workings of a classic aggressive skate but with the addition of a convenient walkable liner. The skate comes complete with our new Kizer Trimax frame, a frame that combines the best aspects of Urban and aggressive skating. The fastest grindable frame on the market! We finish off the set up with the classic Powerslide 100mm Spinner wheels and Wicked ABEC 7 bearings.

Frame: Kizer Trimax

This frame can fit up to 110mm max wheel size. Super solid 3-wheel frame thats tough enough for some tricks; yet, will also slide good on some grinds.

Soulplate: Replaceable, nylon composite

These soul plates are the same shape as the old Xsjado soul plates. One of the best soul plates on the market. There’s plenty of grind space on both the soul and the inside negative area. They also come with an amazing groove right out the box.

Insole: EVA skatesole

Nice plush insole that will provide some decent amount of cushion.

Liner: USD Myfit Shadow Eclipse Crossliner

This liner is a cooperation between MYFIT and USD, one of the leading skating brands for urban aggressive skates. This specially designed walkable liner will be featured in the new USD SHADOW skate. The concept is easy: combine the best of a liner and a shoe to create a fully functional walkable liner, which performs in as well as out of the skate. The Eclipse Crossliner is made to perform using only the best materials and components. The boot outside is made of high abrasion nylon including welded on TPU for extra protection and reinforcement. The boot comes with two separate laces – the lower part gets laced by high end waxed laces locking your foot perfectly. A fast lacing system on top optimizes the heel lock and enhances control. The abrasion resistant rubber outsole covered with thick EVA foam acts like a shock absorber. It absorbs shocks, gives extra cushion, controls impact and is really comfortable to walk on, too. Like other liners, the MYFIT series carry all the usual specs like anatomical ankle padding, and a well-defined Achilles padding to give the perfect heel lock and eliminate any movement. The liner includes the MYFIT skate sole for extra support and control. The tongue is nicely padded and wraps around your shin perfectly giving comfort and providing front flex. The rear has a nice and low V cut with soft SBR material and reinforced carry strap. Welcome to the best of both worlds, liner and shoe in one with a cool and urban look.

Wheels: Powerslide Spinner – RP 100mm 86A

These wheels are a good match for the Trimax frames. You’ll be cruising at high speeds right out the box with these wheels.

Bearings: WCD Wicked ABEC 7 

Wicked bearings are some really great bearings for skating the streets. Their super fast and easy to clean.

Mounting standard: UFS

This skate can accept any UFS compatible frame.

Closure: Front strap, 45º flap with buckle, toe strap

3 strap system will keep your foot locked into place with minimal heel lift.

If your thinking about picking up a pair of have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

USD Shadow Trimax Skates

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