USD VII Clan 2015 Skate

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 USD VII Clan 2015 Skate at USD just came out with their all new VII Clan skate for 2014-15. This skate is a great all around skate in a more simple plastic boot style. The VII style skate may look a bit plain compared to models like the Carbons, but their super solid construction and replaceable parts make these skates perfect for all skaters looking for a skate tough enough to withstand the abuse of skating.

The Liner: USD VII Clan Liner
The USD VII Clan skate comes with a real proper liner. Nice and thick in padding around the heel and ankle. Along with a strong supportive tongue. These liners are a perfect fit for these skates and break in very nicely. They also come with a neoprene toe to help alleviate pressure points.

The Frames: Kizer Type-M Frame

The Clan skate comes setup with some white Kizer Type-M Frames with contrasting black bolts to match the liner. These frames are freestyle frames with no middle wheels. Freestyle frames have a wider space in the middle of your wheels so it makes locking on grinds a lot easier. These Kizer frames have a beefy H-block/grinding space that will last a long time and come with a perfect groove.  Kizer frames are known for being very strong and great for all types of skating and these Kizer Type-M frames are no exception.

The Wheels and Bearings: USD Team wheels 57mm 89a and ABEC 5 bearings.

The VII Clan skates come setup with some USD team wheels. Natural color urethane with a solid looking core. 57mm size is the perfect size right out of the box, and the 89a hardness makes these a smooth ride. The Abec 5 bearings provide you with some fast rolling wheels while being strong enough for all types of skating.

The Soulplates: USD VII Souls

 USD VII soul plates are some of the best on the market. A lot of skaters even put these on their Carbons and non-usd skates. Their super thick while maintaining a low profile. Very tough rugged construction make these great for all grinds and especially nice for torques and backslide tricks. Roller Warehouse carries the VII souls in a bunch of different colors and we can swap them out on your skate for free, just give us a call.


  With a new improved USD liner and the USD VII soul kit, these skate amazing! Both Backslides and torque slides feel super controlled thanks to the placement and material of the groove.  Lightweight the solid shell and cuff has great support on the ankle and all around the foot. Great skates at a great price.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

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