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 USD Carbon Free DIY Boots at Rollerwarehouse.comDO IT YOURSELF!

USD just released their all new Carbon Free DIY boot. Giving you the USD Carbon feel at a cheaper price.You get the same shape as the carbon boot but instead of carbon fiber, the shell is made out of their new plastic formula so that they are able to offer the boot for less money to those that don’t really need an all carbon fiber shell.

Your USD Carbon Free DIY BOOT ONLY is available for those of you who want design and enhance the color and style of skate you prefer. They come with a special white canvas outer shell/skin material, that is easy customizable and perfect to dye, paint, or drawn on. These skates are also modeled like the Carbon 4 skates but have a plastic shell instead of carbon. These also have the removable liner to make the dyeing process even better. On top of these skates being perfect for a DIY customization, their super solid construction and lightweight materials make these skates perfect for any type of skater.

 Although most the outer shell/skin is canvas, the boot still has additional protective material in the toe and heal to help prevent them from ripping too fast. They also come with a canvas 45 degree ankle strap that can also be dyed or painted any color you desire to match or add some contrast to your setup. Some skaters prefer the Carbon Free plastic shell, since they believe it has less pressure points compared to some of the previous carbon skates.

The USD Carbon Free DIY like most previous USD Carbon skates have a low cut cuff on them. Making the skates more agile and easier to flex, but still maintaing a good amount of support. The Cuffs and Buckles are also removable making these easy to repair or customize even more.

 The Soul Plate: USD Carbon Souls

USD Carbon souls are some great sliding and slim fitting soul plates. Their not super huge looking, but do provide a good amount of soul and negative space. Come right out the box with the perfect groove to start with. These soul plates also slide real fast and will last you quite a while. Roller Warehouse also carries multiple different colors in Carbon Soul Plates. Remember, we can swap out the color of the soul plates  at no extra charge.

 The Liner: USD Carbon Free DIY Liner

 These liners are exclusive to these skates. Similar to the Carbon 4 liners but in all white with some new materials. Super comfy liners that aren’t super bulky, helping eliminate weird pressure points on your feet. The fact these are removable make it so you can dye your DIY boot without getting the dye on your liner. Rollerwarehouse also has a USD Carbon DIY LE Skate that comes as a complete skate at a even great price. All white top with a blacked out bottom frame and wheel combo. This includes Black Blank Frames with Black Anti-Rockers, and 59mm Wheels (Graphic will vary) with Abec 5 bearings.

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 If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

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 No Returns/Exchanges accepted on painted, colored, or dyed boots. We must receive the product back in 100% brand new, unrolled on condition.

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