Xsjado Dustin Werbeski Pro Skates

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Xsjado just released the Dustin Werbeski Pro Skates. Dustin Werbeski has been an integral part of the Xsjado crew since his initiation. Bringing a phone books worth of creative tricks on obstacles no one would think to blade.
$279.00 Complete
$239.00 Boot Only
If you’ve never used or seen a pair of Xsjado’s before, your probably wondering why they look so weird. Well the best way to explain this is the skate is kind of like a snowboard binding. You put your foot into the footwrap(shoe) and then you put your foot with the footwrap inside of the skate. And then the skate locks you in with a 3 point locking system, 2 of which being velcro straps, and the other is a metal ratchet. And boom, your ready to go out and blade!

This skate uses a unique blend of the older 1.0 Cuff, giving you that classic Xsjado flex, more at the top of the boot instead of the ankle, offering a unique feel and flex to your grinds.

And it comes equipped with the brand new One Piece 2.0 Soulplates. The older 1.0 Soulplates always sounded a bit clacky when you land. But with the new one piece souls they are a lot more solid. The plus to have a one piece single injection mold. The toe area is more contour to the shape of your foot giving you a large soulplate without a ton of overhang. Now in made 4 sizes: 4.5-7.0, 7.5-9.0, 9.5-11.0, & 11.5-13.0.

Kizer Level 3 Powerblading Frames:
Pain in the ass to skate up to the store in your regular aggressive blades? That’s because aggressive wheels are a lot smaller than a standard recreational wheel, upgrade your setup to a Powerblading Level 3 setup with 72mm wheels and you’ll be cruising with ease, they also have an h-block grinding area so groove tricks will not be out of the question.
H-Block area for groove tricks
Ideal for transportation and cruising around
8mm Axels
Aluminum Frame Spacers
Lightweight Design

Keep in mind any Frame you see on out site is compatible with this skate. So you don’t have to skate them with a Powerblading setup. Call us up for a deal on a complete setup with standard aggressive frames and wheels, 1-800-772-2502

Cuff Padding: Thick comfortable padding around the top of the cuff. Beefy tongue to give you that cushion when your flexing forward.

The Footwraps: Pretty basic , nothing too flashy, just a clean black suede outer. Thinner tongue to give you a more responsive feel. Perfect amount of padding through out the footwrap. Footbed has an awesome old school print, medium thickness, could use something a little thicker if your taking a lot of big drops.

Nylon Toe Straps & Cuff Straps:

Xsjado went with a Nylon material for the Toe & Cuff Straps. Nylon is a high-strength & resilient material, a big upgrade from the normal fabric based straps on the older models.
If you have any questions about product or skating in general, feel free to give us a call, we’re more than willing to help you out, 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

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