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Installing Plastic Buckles on your Xsjado 2.0’s

Written by Hirt

Looking for a more durable solution to your Cuff Staps on your Xsjado 2.0’s? Well look no further, I’m going to go through step by step instructions on how to install a plastic Razor or USD buckle, which will be a lot more durable than the standard velcro straps they come stock with.

What you’ll need:

Razor Buckles or USD Buckles
3mm Allen Wrench

Un-do the velcro cuff strap and remove the bolts and washers holding them on.

Same thing for the inside of the skate. Be sure not too lose any of the hardware.

Now that the velcro strap is removed we can install the plastic buckle.

Attach the buckle to the skate with the same bolts that held on the velcro strap, minus the washers. Be careful while your screwing these in, the bolt will go through the buckle, through the cuff, and screw into the cuff padding. Since you can’t really see what your screwing into, take it slow, and keep your allen wrench straight up and down to prevent cross threading.

Attach the receiver to the inside of the cuff on the rear bolt hole, so that receiver will be covering up the front bolt hole.

The buckle will thread through the metal ring on the front of the skate’s tongue padding.

Now you have a more durable and more cost efficient replacement for your Xsjado 2.0’s.

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