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NEW Powerslide MyFit FatBoy Medium Liners

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NEW Powerslide MyFit FatBoy Medium Liners 

Roller Warehosuse recently got in the new MyFit FatBoy Medium liners from Powerslide. The liner game has been at a all time low lately so it was quite the blessing we got in these high quality blade liners in a wide range of colors. Perfect for a new custom skate or an upgrade to your current pair of skates.

Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Medium Grey Liner
The Myfit FatBoy liners are some of the best liners in the game right now. The perfect amount of padding in all the right places. These FatBoy liners are packed with tons of features these liners will not let you down. These liners have a nice perfectly wide width to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes and fit preferences, something a lot of the slimmer narrow liners can’t do.

These liners have a nice broad shape thats not too skinny, so it can accommodate a lot of different types of foot shapes. Great liner if your looking to upgrade your skates and works for most USD, Razors, Valo, and Rollerblade skates.

Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Medium Red LinerThe FatBoy liners have a neoprene toe which helps a lot with fit and lets your toes breathe. Neoprene material on the toes helps makes it so your toes won’t get all crammed inside the skate shell.

 Another great feature with these liners is that their heat moldable. Meaning you can low temp bake them in an oven and speed up the process of shaping these liners to your feet. From my experience a lot of heat moldable liners also break in and mould to your feet after normal skating from a few sessions, no oven needed.Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Medium Teal Liner The tongue on these liners are one of my favorite features of this liner. The tongue has a nice anatomical fit to your foot and ankle. The padding is nice and thick but still allows a good amount of movement. Also the tongue starts halfway up the liner instead of down by the toe box, which helps with preventing your tongue from sliding around and getting twisted up while skating.

Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Medium Green Liner The FatBoy liners feature a nice mellow V-cut in the back. The V-cut isn’t too deep so it can still fit almost any skate cuff. A V-cut skate liner helps with mobility and makes the skate easier to move around in certain angles.

The FatBoy series of liners comes in low, medium, and high. These colored versions we carry are the medium height FatBoys. Perfect almost all skates both low and high.

 Padding on the inside heel area is perfect for blading. Nice amount of cushion with a slight pinch on the heel to keep your foot locked in nice and help prevent blisters from movement.

 Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Medium Blue LinerThese liners also have a nice ankle cuff colt pad to prevent damage from the cuff bolts on the inside of your skate shells. Also a nice sturdy carrying strap on the back helps assist with transporting these skates.

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