Razors Cult Street Copper Skates

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Razors Cult Street Copper Skates

The newest Razors Cult model has hit the market, and it’s time to break open your piggy bank. This cult favorite comes in a classic off-white with just a touch of copper accents, including a new copper GC FLT3 frame.  Still using the same trusted boot shell, we’ve realigned and centered the UFS mounts for boot sizes 10-13, placing the wheels and groove right where it feels best for the skater.  Tie the whole package together with classic Razors pinstripe lacing, our latest cuff with buckle stash, and a reformed Cult liner.  A solid choice for beginner to advanced skaters looking for superior performance for just a few pennies.  #razorscult Features:

Off-WhiteCult Shell with Copper Highlights
Replaceable Soul Frame & Backslide Plates
Replaceable Cuff with ‘buckle stash’
Copper GC FLT3 Frames & 57mm/90A GC Wheels
Classic, reformed Cult Liner

 The Frames: Ground Control Featherlite 3 FramesThe Ground Control Featherlite 3 frames are some of the best frames out right now, and one of our personal favorites. Several new upgrades to these frames have made them even better then before. New metal frame spacers makes it so you have a solid connection between your bearing and frame. This reduces friction, while giving enough space to let your wheel roll freely without letting your bearing rub against the inner sidewall of the frame. New plastic formula in these frames makes them slide faster then ever, and feel even more solid than the last generation. The Copper FL3 frames with black sickle axles go perfect with any custom setup.

 Razors New Cult Soul Plates

Replacement Soulplates for the newer style Razors Cult Skates with the new frame positioning. Compatible with all newer style Razors Cult Skates (Cult Cream & Cult Gold). Not Compatible with any of the older models.

Razors Cult Liner 

A newly redesigned Razors liner with a re-shaped fit that is going to give you more support. These come with a ton of cushioning so they will definitely feel better as you break them in. Nice carrying strap in the back of the liner as well.

A newly designed Razors cuff comes on these skates. They seem to be a hybrid cuff that is a mix between the traditional classic Genesys/cult cuff and the SL cuff. The buckle when strapped in counter sinks into the cuff to keep it hidden away just like with the Cuffs you see on the Razors SL skates.

A great looking skate at an even better prize. These skates are priced perfect for anybody just trying to get into skating, but is also a great skate for even the most seasoned veteran skaters.

 If your thinking about picking up a pair of have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

Razors Cult Street Copper Skates

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