Them Skates Black/Grey Skates

Them Skates Black/Grey Boot Only

Them Skates recently released a new line of skates. Most you skaters out there have seen the new limited edition Them x Intuition skates that just dropped. However, there’s also a new Black/Grey 908 boot that released with the other limited edition boots. This skate is similar to the first V1 Them skates but with all the new upgrades. Coming with a stronger shell, better soul, and upgraded liner. While still coming in at the same great price, especially for this solid of a skate. If you missed out on the limited edition Blue or U1 skates or just weren’t feeling those colors/setups, then this is a perfect option.

Updated shell/boot material from the V1 908: We made our Impact Resistant Plastic (TPU) material harder/tougher for added support and longer lasting.

Soul Plates 2.0 : 
A. Thickened interior walls for longer lasting.
B. For easier customization, Them skates use their new “Bridge Soul Plate Hardware”. 

Them Skates Replacement Soulplates

Size X-Small ; 5/6 US
Size Small ; 7/8 US
Size Medium ; 9/10 US
Size Large ; 11/12 US

Them V2 Liner: One of the best new features of this skate is the new upgraded stock Them liner. The original V1 liners were comfy as is, but now on the V2 liner they added a neoprene toe and revamped tongue. The Neoprene toes will help stretch out to the shape of your foot, keeping the comfort levels high and your feet happy. New tongue has less bulk but uses slightly stronger material and has a better shape to it.

If your thinking about picking up a pair of skates and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst

Them Skates Black/Grey Boot Only

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