Xsjado 2.0 Farmer 6 Skeleton

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Xsjado 2.0 Farmer 6 Skeleton

Xsjado just dropped their newest pro skate. The new Farmer 6 Skeleton is exactly a complete skate but allows you to customize the skate as you please. So you have the setup that best fits you without spending the extra money on parts. These skates come in a cool Nintendo theme with contrasting grey colors, just like the original NES. Chris Farmer is known as one of the greatest of all time and laces some of the hardest tricks, so you know these skate are going to be of some quality. Grab yourself a pair because these could be the last Xsjado pro skates!The tongue on these Xsjado 2.0 skates are way better than the first version of the 2.0 skates. More comfy with anatomical padding makes the tongue form to your foot better than ever. The straps are made of a rugged nylon and hybrid leather combo. The snowboard binding ratchet style buckle makes getting in and out of these skates a breeze and helps get you locked in nice and tight. Like all Xsjado skates the best part about these are the adjustability. You can really dial in the straps so that they fit so that these fit your feet perfectly. 

The Soulplate: Xsjado 2.0 One Piece Soulplate

Xsjado skates have always been known for their fat beefy soul plates, making a lot of grinds feel exceptionally good and easy to do. The Xsjado 2.0 one piece soul plate is as solid as it gets. Super strong construction and great grooves out the box make these some of the best souls on the market.  The shock absorber in the heel is one of the best in the industry. Not too bulky and has a nice secure fit to keep from moving around. On top of the straps being adjustable the entire skate can be size adjusted in case you decide to switch the shoes you use in these Xsjado skates.

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Xsjado 2.0 Farmer 6 Skeleton 

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