NEW Undercover Powerblading Wheels

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Undercover Powerblade Wheels at Rollerwarehouse
 Undercover just dropped their new line of powerblading wheels. These wheels come in multiple sizes each with different hardness. So no matter if your just wanting to cruise around or trying to sneak some tricks in there, Undercover has all your powerblading needs covered. These new wheels also come in all new colors with some cool graphics.

 Undercover Powerblading Werbeski 72mm 86a

 These gold colored Dustin Werbeski pro wheels are probably my favorite out of the new line. 72mm Wheels are a perfect size to cruise around and still be able to do most your tricks. These wheels work great with the Kizer Powerblading Level III Frames.

 Undercover Powerblading LA 72mm 88a

 Undercover Powerblading Rio 80mm 88a

 Undercover Powerblading Paris 76mm 90a

 Undercover Powerblading Wheels are sold in packs of 4 Wheels. So if your going to ride flat (All 8 wheels the same size) be sure to get two sets. Undercover is known for making some of the best quality wheels in the whole industry, so you know you’ll be rolling smooth on these new wheels.

Undercover Powerblade Wheels at Rollerwarehouse

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