Eulogy Signature Series Wheels 2019/20

Eulogy just dropped their new Signature series line of wheels for 2019/20. Including pro signature wheels for team riders Jeff Dalnas and Sean Keane. Both wheels feature a space theme for all you extraterrestrial skaters. These wheels use Eulogy’s E2 urethane compound. With slight improvements in the formula from the last line. Faster, grippier, and the same Eulogy quality. Poured and designed in the Santa Barbara, California.

Eulogy Sean Keane 2019 58mm 90a

Eulogy recently added Sean Keane to their pro roster. Welcoming him to the team with his introductory pro signature wheel. Sean Keane is known for his un-humanlike creativity in the streets, so a UFO theme fits perfectly. These come in a 58mm size, which is a tried and true size for aggressive skating. 90a hardness means these wheels might seem a bit harder at first but will last longer and roll faster then a softer wheel. Eulogy’s durometer scale is a bit different then other companies so we think their more in the range of a 91-92a wheel, if your comparing to other wheel companies. Which is the perfect middle ground between grip and sliding capabilities. Get yourself a set while their still in stock!

Eulogy Jeff Dalnas 2019 58mm 88a

Jeff Dalnas has been a part of the Eulogy team for quite sometime now. He’s had many signature wheels by them but this is one of our favorites. Eulogy went a whole new direction with the graphics on this line and we really dig the new theme. Jeff Dalnas is known for dropping huge hammers while still laying down some tech tricks. You know these wheels have to be good if they can hold up to his style of skating. These wheels come in 58mm size with 88a hardness. Perfect for any kind of skating on any surface. Slightly softer then the Keane wheel but still has a nice middle ground between grip and sliding capabilities.

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