Red Eye Wheel Co.

Red Eye Wheel Co. is one of the newer wheel brands to come around recently. They have a stacked team of some of the best skaters in the US. Red Eye also offers a wide range of wheel sizes. Whether you skate flat rocker with 55mm wheels or anti rocker with 62mm wheels, they got you covered.

Red Eye Korey Waikiki 62mm 88a

The Korey Waikiki Pro wheel comes in a unique size of 62mm. Great for anti-rocker but also would work good in a flat setup if your frames allow it. 88a hardness with a flat profile is perfect for street and park skating.

Red Eye Team 55mm 92a

Red Eye came correct with a 55mm wheel for flat rocker setups. You can also skate these anti-rocker if you prefer smaller wheels. 92a hardness is a perfect middle ground between slide and grip. Flat profile feels nice and solid.

Red Eye Russel Day 62mm 90a

The Russel Day 62mm wheel is a great size and shape. Similar to the Korey Waikiki wheel but in a 90a hardness with white urethane. Awesome for those anti-rocker skaters out there but can also be used in a flat setup.

Red Eye Josh Glowicki 68mm 90a

The Red Eye Josh Glowicki wheel is the biggest wheel they offer coming in a 68mm size. This wheel comes in a unique size and feels great if your frames can fit them. Able to handle both park and street skating. The bullet profile feels extra nice when skating a wheel this big.

Red Eye Jon Fromm 60mm 90a Black

The Red Eye Jon Fromm is their middle ground sized wheel coming in at 60mm. This wheel also features a round profile which feels great right from the start with no break in time. 90a is good for those rugged street spots but also feels very nice on smooth park surfaces.

Red Eye Chris Farmer 57mm 92a

The newest addition to the Red Eye line is the Chris Farmer pro wheel. This wheel comes in a 57mm size. With its flat profile and smaller size this wheel is great for both flat and anti-rocker setups. 92a hardness is a perfect middle ground between slide and grip.

Red Eye Wheel Co

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