Undercover Foodie II Wheels

The Undercover Foodie II line of wheels are here and they surely won’t disappoint. UC wheels feature their interlock core. Along with a fast and extra long lasting PU (Polyurethane) compound. Super strong with perfect bonding offers a good amount of PU for a smooth ride and perfect grip. Exclusively poured in California, USA. Created with the finest PU and core compounds available in the industry. UC PU is the most durable, fast and grippy PU available

Undercover Foodie II Enin 60mm 90a

The Enin wheel comes in a 60mm size and 90a hardness. The swirl blue color makes for a really cool looking wheel. 60mm round profile feels super nice the moment you put them on your skates. 90a hardness is a popular hardness in wheels and for good reason. 90a feels good on almost all terrains whether it be gritty streets or smooth skate parks. Eugen Enin is known for his insane arsenal of tricks, so you know these wheels have to be top tier quality.

Undercover Foodie II Eisler 59mm 88a

The Eisler wheel comes in a 59mm size and 88a hardness. The softer 88a will feel nice and grippy. While the 59mm speed profile will be great for flat all 8 down setups. The pointy speed profile will give a unique ride compared to the other rounder profiles. Eisler has been one of the most well rounded skaters for almost two decades. If he chooses this wheel size and shape as his personal preference then there’s got the be some extra magic going on in these wheels.

Undercover Foodie II Bernal 58mm 90a

The Bernal wheel comes in a 58mm size and 90a hardness. 58mm is a universally great wheel size. 90a hardness is a nice middle ground that is great for any kind of skating you prefer. Flat profile makes this wheel feel super solid. Carlos Bernal is known for his insanely big stunts, if this wheel can hold up to his kind of skating then they have to be some high quality wheels.

Undercover Foodie II Calkins 60mm 92a

The Calkins wheel comes in a 60mm size and 92a hardness. Perfect size and hardness for hitting the streets or park. 92a may seem hard to some people but with UC wheels it’s actually a perfect mix of grip and slide. Round profile feels great with no break in time.

Undercover Foodie II Lomax 80mm 88a

The Lomax wheel comes in a 80mm size with a nice round full radius profile. Stealthy black color makes this a great wheel for any 80mm skate setup. They’ll last extra long and feel super sturdy. Especially if your planning on doing any gaps on a big wheel setup. Nick Lomax does all sorts of mind blowing tricks with these wheels, so you know these have to hold up.

Undercover Foodie II Crofts 110mm 85a

The Crofts wheel comes in a 110mm six pack. Perfect size for those 3-wheel frame setups. Get those top speeds without having that super long wheel base. These wheels also have a really nice bullet profile instead of the usual speed profile you see on bigger wheels. Which helps the wheels last a bit longer and feel more solid when doing tricks.


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